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Default Intro to the forums

Hi everyone I just wanted to introduce myself. I did sign up to the forums a while ago but only just posting now.

I've been a lifelong fan of the Tomb Raider series. I can remember playing the first game with my sister when I was very young (I was about 4 years old when we had the first game which was a couple of years after it came out).

We did have all the PS1 games but the first one I can remember playing by myself was Angel of Darkness (by that time my sister wasn't into gaming as much) and I've played the games ever since.

During the lockdown I bought the originals again on Steam and have been working through them (currently on The Last Revelation at the moment) and in the case of this one when I get to the end and Tomb Raider 2 and 3 it was my first time properly completing them (I did manage to do the first game and Chronicles eventually!).

Looking forward to getting to know you all on the forums!

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