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Elen complained about the size of my outfits, so I did an experiment and managed to cut the filesize to be 1/3 of what it was

Could somebody try any of them out and let me know if it works for them? I updated all of them, so they are quite a bit smaller now and that should hopefully reduce the bandwidth limit problems with the free geocities homepage

By the way, here is how I did it. I downloaded the NVidia DDS tools and converted the PNG files I used to "dxt1a" format. I wrote a little Makefile to do it:

	nvdxt -file blue-bikini.png -dxt1a
	nvdxt -file TRL.EXE_0xD7CA461B.png -dxt1a
	nvdxt -file TRL.EXE_0xB10CADA2-blue.png -dxt1a
	nvdxt -file TRL.EXE_0x09FC3B1B-blue.png -dxt1a
	nvdxt -file TRL.EXE_0xAAAFC41A-red.png -dxt3
Note that I followed Tampi's advice and used the dxt3 format for the hair.

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