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Originally Posted by Alive_and_Funky View Post
Thanks for the advice.

What are the originals like anyway? I don't really mind if the plots aren't too good, I just want the adventure itself to be good.

Sorry, but it's a risk I have to take. What don't you like about it anyway? I have heard that *possible spoiler* Cloud dresses in drag *end of spoiler*, is that a reason why?
You know, once I decided to try and sum up my opinion on what's wrong with FFVII in a form of an article. So far it's got about 20 pages in MS Word

I think you shouldn't start out with FFVII because it's already a relict - something to know, but probably not to enjoy. It's a history of FF, not its present - it's got a plot full of holes (way beyond "open to interpretation"), mostly sketchy (and I believe cheap) characters, unbalanced narration, rather frustrating battle system (not as much as FFIX though). Imo starting with FFVII in this day 'n' age is like watching a film you've wanted to see for ages on a monochrome TV. Sure it's history, but it's not exciting anymore - even worse if you were convinced before that monochrome TV is the best thing that can happen to a film fan.

By the way - nope, I had no problem with a drag Why should I? This scene was actually one of the better ones in the entire game, and one of the very few moments I actually smiled. Not surprising, as first 7-10 hours if the game are in my opinion the most polished.
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