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TRNG Updater
(Released 1 December 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Updated the demo file.
    It has been added the original tr3 sound effects used by Frog-Man.
    Now in the there are two wad version: the old standard version, with remapped sounds in tomb4 slots, and the v130 wad version with original tr3 sounds. See the readme.txt file in
  • Fixed bug about Hydra.
    In previous version the Hydra was able to aim (and hit) lara from any (unlimited) distance.
    Now it has been added a max distance for aiming, other that Hydra will be not able to "see" Lara.
  • Fixed bug about rename Slot in NGLE.
    In previous version the [Rename] feature in Object list of NGLE program caused errors like "EVIL: Unknown object type detected" after reloading of changed project.
  • Warning: discovered an hardcoded limit about number of moveable items.
    In spite of the max number has been increased from 255 to 1024 items, there are some inner procedures of default tomb4 where a moveable with index greather than 255 could be not handled correctly.
    This problem is not solvable and it could happen for moveables having some hardcoded add effect like fire, smoke or blood.
    My suggestion is to try to assign to enemies (moveables with AI and killable) the first 255 indices while you can use the remaining indices (higher than 255) for animatings, doors and null mesh objects.
  • Fixed bug about Hydra.
    In previous version the little fire preceding the shooting was in the addome, while now it has been moved in the mouth of the hydra.
  • Fixed bug about Hydra.
    In previous version the HYDRA_MISSILE mesh (flames) was not visible when hydra shot.
    Differently now the the missile is visible but you have to use the new updated chronics.wad file you find in Chronicles Objects demo sample.
  • Added new OCB values for ENEMY_SUB_MARINE object Now you can enable the sub marine missile to go off from the water room.
    You can also disable the bubbles from the back of the sub-marine.
  • Fixed bug in ENEMY_SUB_MARINE In previous version in some cirucstances the sub-marin froze on speaked floor.
  • Added new customize constant: CUST_TR5_UNDERWATER_COLLISIONS With this setting you can replace the current tr4 collision of underwater lara with the collisions used under tr5 (TR Chronicles).
    The tr5 collisions have the advantage to NOT stop Lara when she touches a wall, but the engine will move and rotate her to reach correct position to pass over.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect: "Lara. (Mesh) Swap Mesh of <&>Extra Lara Slots with that of (E)Slot" This bug has been fixed, anyway when you use this flipeffect remember that, to get a visible change it's necessary in some circustances use also the flipeffect "Lara. (Mesh) Set single <&>Lara mesh with mesh got from (E)slot" This requirement is necessary only if lara had already in her hand that object, while (different case) if lara had no extra item in the hand then you have to avoid the second flipeffect "Lara. (Mesh) Set single <&>Lara mesh ..."
  • Increased by a 30% the inside mesh buffer.
    In previous versions with some "monster" levels there was a crash looking in some direction caused by an overload of inside mesh buffer.
  • Fixed bug in Laser Head (The guardian) After saving game and reloading the Guardian had big problems to aim Lara when she was in higher position than Guardian. (He shaked the head like a mad)
  • Added new customize constant for Dart Emitters: CUST_DARTS With this customize you can change speed, color and time of emitting. More, you can assign the performing of a TriggerGroup when lara will be hit by a dart. You can also fix the bug about fake poisoning of darts using the DRT_FIX_POISON_BUG flag.
    Remark: read carefully the description of CUST_DARTS constant becuase this customize works in different way respect other customize.
  • Added new flags for AddEffect command: FADD_FIRE_STRIP = used with ADD_FLAME to have a fired horizontal strip FADD_NO_SOUND = disable sound of effect (mist or fire) FADD_VORIENT_90/180/270 = fix a problem about vertical orienting with some moveables where the start position of the mesh has a different vertical facing respect than first animation (like the Jeep)
  • Added new extra fields in command AddEffect= for ADD_FLAME effect.
    Now you can set intensity (size) of the fire and wheter it is able to burn Lara or less.
  • Added to action trigger "Enemy. Kill <#>object in (E) way" another disabling method: "Disable emitter" Some special items, like the fire/smoke/dart emitters could be difficultous to disable/remove. The correct way to untrigger these emitters is to use this new "Disable emitter" method.
  • Fixed bug in harpoon gun.
    When you set unlimited ammo for harpoon the number showed in inventory becamed negative (-2, -3, ect).
  • Fixed bug in rain procedure In previous version ( it rained also in non-outside rooms.
  • Fixed bug about usage of title.tr4 with no extra ng header This is an old bug.
    When trng engine found a title.tr4 level with no extra ng header (i.e. a title.tr4 that it had not been created with ngle + ng_tom2pc tools) the animated textures in title didn't work.
  • Fixed bug in rain procedure In previous version with some room architecture there was a crash when the new level had just been loaded
  • WARNING! Added new field to GlobalTrigger script command.
    Now the last (and new) field is "IdOnFalseTriggerGroup" and it could be used to perform a TriggerGroup when the global condition is false.
    If you get error messages in your old script.txt about GlobalTrigger commands, just you add an ", IGNORE" field at bottom of GlobalTrigger line.
  • Added new flags for CUST_AMMO customize.
    It has been added the flags: AMMO_ADD_GUN_SHELL, AMMO_ADD_SHOTGUN_SHELL and AMMO_REMOVE_SHOTGUN_SHELL With above flags you can modiy the default behavior of ammos about the shell-casing.
  • Added new customize constant: CUST_FLARE You can customize the flare adding sparks or fire and changing the color, durate and intensity.
  • Fixed bug about condition triggers "Lara. Distance. Lara is distant by <#>Moveable less or even than .." In previou version the compute was wrong and the condition returned always true.
  • Added new Condition Trigger: "Inventory. The just selected item from inventory is <#>Item" This condition is interesting when you wish create a custom interactive item, where it's necessary using some inventory item to engage it.
    It works like the keys for the doors, the combo items with some hole combos, or the crowbar for some woodness doors.
    The advantage to use this method respect to the global trigger GT_USED_INVENTORY_ITEM, is that, with this (local) condition, you save a lot of cpu time since the global triggers work continuosly while the local condition will work only when lara is over a specific sector.
    Remark: when you manage the correct selected item remember to perform also this trigger: ; Exporting: TRIGGER(-245:0) for FLIPEFFECT(342) ; <#> : Variables. Memory. Set in <&>Code Memory the (E)Negative number ; <&> : Inventory Item just chosen from inventory (example a key to open a door) (Long) ; (E) : Value = -1 ; Values to add in script command: $2000, 342, $FF0B The reason is that otherwise you'll listen the "NO" sound sample after the usage of this inventory item.
    Remark: not all items may be handled in this way, you can use crowbar, puzzle and key items but some items have an harcoded management (like medipack, binocular, waterskin ect) and they will be handled immediatly from the engine and for this reason the condition will be never true for these items.
    Remark: About the usage with the crowbar remember that it should be you to perform a swapmesh to place a crowboar in the hand of lara because this operation is not made byself from the engine.
    It is for this reason that there is no HOLD_ constant about crowbar for the ENV_HOLD_EXTRA_ITEM_IN_HANDS in ENV conditions, because it's not been foreseen that lara can hold (continuosly) in her hands the crowbar.
    If you want that it will be used the crowbar to interactive with your object you should place in your custom animation an exported trigger (like animcommand) to perform the swap mesh of lara's hand with crowbar, and at end of animation another swap mesh to restore a free hand, like the engine performs for doors opened with the crowbar.
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