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Originally Posted by Laras Boyfr. View Post
Here are some bugs and suggestions.feel free to comment and tell ur opinion

-Allow Lara to swim in form of vertical circles underwater without changing the direction
I fail to see the point why Lara should swim upside down. Could you clarify it with some situations where it's needed?

-New enemies converted from old TR games:
Centaur (TR1),Dragon (TR2) and maybe some other venician baddies from TR2.
For the baddies you only need some meshswap triggers in TRNG, but a non-tricked Dragon would be ... awWwwW *dreams*

-Fix the flipeffect Lara Swap meshes:the new meshes werent remapped properly ingame,although it had been in strpix.
It works fine for me, if the vertices are the same for the base outfit. Except for the left (?) ellbow, even the textures of this skin joint had to be the same to connect properly. But I tested this in an older version.

For the rest, there are some good suggestions, but some things need just a workaround like the falling rope.
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