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Originally Posted by Laras Boyfr. View Post
-Allow Lara to swim in form of vertical circles underwater without changing the direction
I still don't know why you would want Lara to swim upside down. I see no use for this.

-New enemies converted from old TR games:
Centaur (TR1),Dragon (TR2) and maybe some other venician baddies from TR2.
Could be a good one. Most old enemies that have been converted to work with the LE seem to have flaws and don't work exactly like the original enemie.

-a new add_effect script command:ADD_SPRITE
working like other addeffects,but you can specify the sprite number for the effect in the script command.
Sounds like you could do some interesting things with this. But how would you implement it? I mean, if just that specified sprite appears, all I see in my mind now is a sprite image stuck onto the object. No movement or changes whatsoever, like with the mist or flames effects. That would look odd.
See, with the flame addeffect for example you can see something happening, the effect looks "alive" so to speak.

Not sure how to explain this...

-new feature for objects with shine:
instead of the old shine sprite, an object could be assigned a new sprite number.
in this way you could simulate the golden shotgun and silver mini smgs from TRA,each reflecting in another way (another sprite)
a syntax example:

Customize=CUST_SHINE,object slot,sprite number

a concrete example :

(where 15 is the number of the sprite)
It would indeed be nice to give different objects different sorts of shine.

-a script command which let the player to get several pickup items by going through them like in jump n run games(no animation,no key pressed)

syntax example:

Customize=CUST_PICKUP,object slots (divided by +),

a concrete example:

It is very odd if Lara simply runs over something and then it magically appears in her inventory. Lara has to do all sorts of things to make her way through a level but then she does not pick stuff up (perform the animation I mean)?

Btw, I'm sure you can achieve this effect already with either a fragmented trigger or a "when touching the object" trigger. You then triger the pickup item to become invisible or move into the floor and then you use the "add to inventory" flipeffect to add the object to Lara's inventory.

-enabling of a trigger animation for the rope,so a grapling gun would be possible in TRLE
Doesn't the rope fall down already?
I thought I saw that happening once...

-changing the length of the rope for a specific object ingame.also enable changing the sprite used for a specific rope
Changing the sprite for a specific rope would be great too. That way you can have different kinds of ropes in one level. One looks like a rope, another like chains, yet another like vines.
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