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TRNG Updater
(Released 8 August 2010)

TRNG Updater

- Added the chance to translate NG_Center program and the description of new triggers of NGLE program in other languages.

If you are interested you should download the [Translation TRNG SDK] zip file that you find on:

In the TT-SDK packet you find also an html tutorial about how translating trng tools with many important warnings and suggestions.

- It is available an Italian translation for NG_Center program.
I file italiani li trovi nella pagina:
Decomprimi il file zip direttamente nella cartella di NG_Center e poi avvia il programma NG_Center.

- Enhanced "Set Trigger Type" window.
In NGLE it has been increased the width of Trigger Type window to let more character for trigger descriptions. This change borns to easy the support of languages different than english, since we know that english is a very compact language but it's not the same for others like german or italian.
Now the characters for trigger description are increased by about 70%.

It has been changed also the position of [Find ] button respect to text box for find, because in the past some beginner made the error to confuse the text box for find with the argument for triggers.

It has been added the button: [Find Trigger Number] to locate a specific trigger knowing its number.
This button has been added to support the multi-language features, too. In fact, when there will be trigger descriptions in english, german, french ect, on the international forum there could be the problem to describe and recognize correctly the different triggers. Thanks to this new button it will be possibile speak about a trigger like "flipeffect 143" or "condition 31" and each user will be able to show imemdiatly the trigger in his language typing that short description in input box showed by [Find Trigger Number] button.

For same, above, reason, there is another little news: now in the title of Set Trigger Type window it will be showed always the syntetic description of current trigger (for example the title could be: "Set Trigger Type - ACTION 35") to have always clear the sintetic description for each trigger.

- Fixed bug in [Remap Lara Skin] tool.
In previous version the meshes with more than 128 vertices were not correctly remapped.
Probably this tool will require further fixings.

- Fixed bug about flipeffect: "Lara. (Mesh) Swap meshes of Lara with <&>slot in (E)way"
When you used above trigger swapping also the Joints of Lara, some joints were missing in game.
1) Remember to remap the original lara skin/joint and also the new skin/joint (for future mesh swap) using the [Remap Lara Skin] tool, when you changed the meshes of old Lara.
2) In the lara_skin_joints used for futute meshswap the meshes should be the same of beginning joints, you can change only the textures applied on the meshes of the two lara_skin_joints objects.

- Added new action trigger: "Enemy. (OCB) Change the OCB value of <#>Moveable with (E)Big Number value"
With this trigger it is possible change the OCB value of some moveable in game.
Theorically this operation was possible also using trng variables but with this trigger is more easy for those people that don't understand very well the variables.
Remark: changing an ocb in game, it's not sure that the result was always that you wish, because in some cases the ocb value was read at begin of the level and for this reason the following changes have no effect or a bad effect. You have to try to discover what objects support an ocb changing in run-time.

Above descriptions had been added in version, but then, for a mistake, they were removed from ocb list in last versions.

- Added new Action trigger: "Turn. Turn <#>Animating around the center at North (E)Distance in circular way"
This action, differently than other "turn" effects, move the item in circular way around an ideal center of a circle with a given radius.

Remark: if the OCB value of the object is greater than 127, this value will be used as rotation speed.

- Added new global trigger: GT_NO_ACTION_ON_ITEM
This global trigger allows to discover when an action on given item has been completed.
It could be useful to perform some trigger when a moveable has been moved or turned, discovering the precise moment of the end of the action, for example to play a sound effect at end of the moving.

- Fixed bug about Flame emitter with fire strip.
In the previous version, the flame emitter 1 set to work with a fire stripe, had the fire in the opposite direction of red cone in NGLE.

- Added new flag for DiagnosticType command: EDGX_SLOW_MOTION
Typing in second parameter of DiagnosticType command this new flag, you can enable in game a customizable slow motion pressing the F11 key.
The slow motion could be useful when you are studying some custom animation and you wish see the details for each frame to discover further errors.

- Added flag for DiagnosticType command: EDGX_SWAP_VIEW
Typying in second parameter of DiagnosticType command this new flag, you can enable in game a customizable view camera to look Lara from different angles.
Just press the F12 key to rotate the camera around to Lara.
This feature is useful when you wish see some detail of Lara not visible from common back view.

- Added flag for TestPosition script command: TPOS_FAST_ALIGNMENT
This flag affects the (furhter) alignemnt phase when you used the FAN_ALIGN_TO_ENV_POS constant in the Animation command that called this TestPosition command.
When you use an Animation command and you used also the FAN_ALIGN_TO_ENV_POS, when Lara is in a good position for TestPosition command, she will be moved in perfect ideal position before performing the animation.
Well, in some circustances the old method used to move lara byself in ideal position had a problem of continuos loop when she was too closed to target position to reach.
To solve this problem you could use in TestPosition command the TPOS_FAST_ALIGNMENT flag, and in this case Lara will be moved immediatly in correct position avoiding the risk of looping.
Remark: you should use the fast alignment only when you set a very low tollerance in TestPosition command, i.e. when the condition of testpostion will be true when lara is really very closed to ideal position.

- Added flag for TestPosition script command: TPOS_OPPOSITE_FACING
This flag fix a bug when the alignment with some objects could fail because the main mesh has an opposite facing respect to animation 0 displacement.
You can discover this situation with Animation Editor of Wad Merger: when the position of mesh with "No Animation" is the opposite of mesh in "Animation 0" you are in this situation and the self alignment could fail.
To fix this bug you can use the TPOS_OPPOSITE_FACING flag in the TestPosition command used by your Animation command.

- Fixed bug about extract weapon on the vehicle
In previous versions, when the player set a keyboard command (1-6) to extract a specific weapon while lara was driving some vehicle there was a crash.

- Added new texture menu command in NGLE
Now in "Textures" menu there is the new command "Turn Selected Textures"
This command allows to turn all textures in selected zone.
The most usage of this command is when you want change the facing of many textures placed in difficultous positions like the vertical portals with toggle opacity.
You could use this command to place UV rotate scrolling (or river animated) textures with wished direction of scrolling.
* It's not necessary that [Face Edit] was ON , when you use this command, and in some circustances, like for the vertical portal, it is better use own this command when the [Face Edit] is OFF.
* This command allows also to perform a random turning of textures useful to create most irregular distribution of pattern.

- Added new OCBs for WATERFALLMIST object
With new OCB you can change: intensity, size and color of the mist effect.
See the WATERFALLMIST objet in OCB LIST section of the Reference panel of NG_Center.

- Added new tool "OCB Calculator"
In the Tools2 panel of NG_Center program now there is a new tool, the OCB Calculator, that can help you to compute the OCB of most complicated trng features, like keypad, fish emitter or pushable objects.
There is also a generic tool useful for all objects with a inverse ocb computing useful to get the single flags from a unique OCB value

- Added new customize value: CUST_WATERFALL_SPEED
With CUST_WATERFALL_SPEED customize you can change the speed of all waterfall textures of current level.

- Added new vechicle: the Kayak
The kayak has been imported from tomb raider 3 (the Mudubu level)
Download the demo from in Demo section

Remark: read the "read_me.txt" file in demo, and also the description of kayak's OCBs from the OCB section in Reference panel of NG Center, to have more infos about this new weichle.
There are some things to know about kayak...

- Added new flipeffect triggers to simulate pool-whirls
The new flipeffect triggers:
"Lara. (Physics) Trigger un/clockwise whirl at <&>center and (E)Diameter"
permit to have a whirl in the water that could affect Lara on boat vehicles or stand-alone Lara. Lara will turn arond the whirl and at end she could be pulled down, dying.
Pratically the whirl works like a sink but with a circular movement like an Hannon attractor.

*Remember that the Y position of LARA_START_POS respect than water surface set the strenght of the whirl. Depther is the START_POS item and higher is the pulling power of the whirl.
The max depth accepted is 5 sectors (20 clicks) the min depth is one click.

* To have a pulling-down effect it's necessary that the strenght was at least:
3 clicks (or higher) for (stand-alone) Lara
5 clicks (or higher) for kayak
8 clicks (or higher) for Rubber-boat
12 clicks (or higher) for Motor-boat

* See the Kayak demo project to see how set a whirl.

- Enhanced script command AssignSlot
In previous version the AssignSlot command was used to inform the engine about the slot where you placed rubber or motor boat and animations.
Now that usage it's no more suggested since you have the specific slots RUBBER_BOAT, RUBBER_BOAT_LARA, MOTOR_BOAT and MOTOR_BOAT_LARA.

In spite of above speech, the old usage of AssignSlot is yet working, but now you can use the AssignSlot also to assign any slot to any other slot. In this new working mode you have to place in old field OBJ_ a common SLOT value to signal the slot from where get the features to assign to other slot.
Thanks to this new feature you can have in same level more crocodiles, baddy1 or mummies with different layouts but with same AI behavior.

Read the updated description for AssignSlot command in NEW SCRIPT COMMANDS section of Reference panel of NG_Center program

- Added customize constant: CUST_ROLLING_BOAT
By default all boats, when Lara is not on board, are fully still, this is not very normal when there are waves on water surface.
With CUST_ROLLING_BOAT customize you can set a swinging and/or pitching movement to get more realistic the boats on the water.

- Fixed bug about CUST_AMMO for Crossbow
In previou versions the changes about damage of crossbow ammo with command:


had no effect and the NewDamage was ignored.

- Fixed some problems of misalignemnt with keypad and detector objects.
In previous versions, using high resolution in game (higher than 1024 x 768) it happened some misplacing of texts or detected targets and the main object (detector or keypad)

- Added new diagnostic flag to enter in adjustment mode.
It has been added the DGX_ADJUSTMENT_MODE constant.
Thanks to it, you can discover the best position for keypad and detector objects with highest resolution.
Read the description of DGX_ADJUSTMENT_MODE constant in Reference panel of NG_Center program to have more infos.
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