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TRNG Updater
(Released 28 November 2010)

TRNG Updater

  • Fixed bug about ShowLaraInTitle= script command.
    In previous version Lara was showed in the title but she was always still and no animation was possible
  • Fixed bug in swap level with Extra Static.
    In previous versions, when Lara skips from a level to another and go back to first, wheter in some of two levels it had been used an Extra static object, the saving/restoring data was messed.
  • Fixed bug about Texturize Dxf File tool.
    In previous version, on some national PCs (like germans) the loading of dxf file failed.
  • Added some variable placefolders in Reference panel of NG_Center
    In previous version it was missing some placefolder about Alfa variable.
  • About TRNG Variables, the description of savegame memory variable:
    "System. Index of enemy aimed by Lara" has been changed with:
    "System. Item Memory address of enemy aimed by Lara"
    Since it was not an index but an absolute memory address that points to the item memory of the item aimed by Lara
    Remark: to convert an item memory address to an item index you can use a new flipeffect.
    See following rows.
  • Added flipeffect for trng variables.
    It has been added the flipeffect:
    "351:Variables. Memory. Convert from item address to item index the value in Current Value variable"
    This flipeffect is useful in those particular cases when you have an absolute address of an item structure but you wish got the corresponding item index.
    Source value and result are all read/wrote from/to Current Value variable.
  • Fixed bug about items with shining textures
    This is an old bug but the problem borns only setting shining texture with strpix program when the object has no normals but only lights. It's a technical question, anyway you had that bug when you placed a shining attribute on some texture on some static object created by you.
    Now the trng eninge will ignore the shining attribute when it cannot be handled on that object, avoiding the crash.
  • Added new tool: Fast3d
    With Fast3d you can perform fastly the most common 3d operations, preserving the original textures.
    You can rotate, move, merge, resize or mirroring your mesh just with one click.
    This tool works on .dxf files exported from StrPix program.
  • New italian language files to download from: in Translation Project link
  • Added new environment condition: ENV_LARA_IN_MICRO_STRIP
    This condition allows to have a best precision respect to the ENV_POS_STRIP_1/2/3 flags.
    With ENV_LARA_IN_MICRO_STRIP condition you can set a range in 32th of sector strips where it should be lara to have a true condition.

    Remark: remember that this is a stand-alone condition and not a flag to add to other condition like the old ENV_POS_ flags. Read the description of ENV_LARA_IN_MICRO_STRIP constant in reference panel of NG_Center to have more infos.
  • Aligned text and targets for detectors and keypad in resolution up to 1440 x 900 game resolution.
  • Added new TGROUP_ flag for TriggerGroup command: the TGROUP_USE_ITEM_USED_BY_LARA_INDEX flag
    This new flag allows to override the index of the object of some action trigger with the index of item that lara is using.
    The items used by Lara could be: vehicles, pushable objects, swtich1/2/3, rollingball (with pushing feature), rope and polerope.
    With this flag and an animcommand calling a triggergroup,you can perform some action on some interactive objects while lara is using them.
    See the description of TGROUP_USE_ITEM_USED_BY_LARA_INDEX flag in Reference section of NG_Center program to have more infos.
  • Enhanced mirror features.
    It has been added new mirror types: MIR_EAST_WALL, MIR_NORTH_WALL and MIR_SOUTH_WALL.
    Remark: the cardinal points are about the 2d view in ngle program.

    Now it's possible have more mirrors for same room. I.e. theorically it should be possible have a mirror for each wall of a room, with floor and ceiling, too.
    But, in the reality, I suggest to use no more than two mirrors for same room to avoid the problem of multiple reflexion (a reflex of a mirror in another mirror) that cann't be managed from the directX libraries.
    See the New Mirrors demo in Demo section of website to see how realize two mirrors for same room, avoiding the multireflex problem.
  • Added new ocbs for Switch Type 1/2/3 objects
    Now you can force a specific custom animation when lara engages a switch. Just you type its number in the ocb of Switch object.
    You can handle easily the flip/flop switches with multiple triggering/antitriggering.
    See the description of "NEW SWITCH" ocb in "Ocb Description" in the reference panel of NG_Center progam.
    You can see some example of usage of new switch ocbs in New Mirrors demo you find in Demo section of website
  • Fixed bug about item flare.
    This bug there was already in old tomb4 engine: when Lara threw the flare in some circustance the flare item was not visible on the floor.
  • Enlarged memory buffers for ng_tom2pc program
    In previous version some "monster" level can cause a crash in elaborating of textures pages.
    Now all temporary buffers have been doubled. The program has been tested with wad upto 140 texture pages but it should manage until 200 texture pages now.
  • Added new flag for Image= script command: IF_OVER_FIXED_CAMERA
    By default the images will be hidden when there is a fixed camera. Now if you wish show an image while there is fixed camera you can add the IF_OVER_FIXED_CAMERA flag in Image script command
  • Fixed bug about transparence of the enemies
    In previous version, the enemies with some transparency effect will disappear after saving/reload game
  • Fixed bug about collision on hang-left/right movements vs statics.
    In previous version, when lara was hanged and her move herself at left or right where there was a collision of some static object, lara was able to go across the static.
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