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MK3 Full Installer (also updating to TRNG
(Released 1 May 2011)

Mk3 Full Installer (version c - the final version)

In the case of the installer "forgets" installing some files:

Missing files

* The version of dll is not available like update but it is built-in in the MK3 full
setup you find on official trng website: http:///

* From this history the description about triggers will be accompained by a note like this:

[Find Trigger Number] F354

And you should read above note like: “If you wish find immediatly this trigger in the Trigger Type Window just you click on [Find Trigger Number] button and type “f354” text and then type ENTER or click on [OK] button.

- Fixed bug in NGLE about collision triggers
In previous version, in the Trigger Type window, working on the "collision. .." triggers, it was missing in "height" argument, the "increase floor collision" setting. All settings were always "Decrease ..."

- Fixed bug in scripter tab of NG_Center program
In previous versions when you build or save the script, the position of the caret come back to first row, losing the previous position.
It was a bit boring behavior, now the current position will be preserved in spite of building or saving.

- It's available new italian texts for NG_Center translation. See
in Multilanguage project link

- Added markbooks for scripter in NG_Center program
Now you can set markbooks on some rows of the script.txt file.
The markbooks could be useful when your script.txt is very long, and you need to move fastly, go and back, between two or more positions in the script.
You can use the little buttons with the flags, or the keyboard shortcuts: F8 (place/remove a markbook) and CTRL G (Goto next markbook)

- Fixed bug about Mirrors while Lara is swimming
In last version, when in the level there was at least a mirror and lara was in the water, the
game had a crash. This happened indifferently if lara was in a mirrored room or less.

- Added new OCB value for static: scalable static
Now you can use the ocb 4096 to scale (resize) the current static.
This feature could be used to get a more realistic forest using few different trees and some
of these (of same type) trees will be placed with a bit different size to avoid the ugly "cloning" effect.

- Enhanced ItemGroup script command.
Now you can use the ItemGroup command also to store a list of static indices. When you type
static indices you must type them as negative numbers. For example:

ItemGroup=1, -45,-100,-101

- Added new flipeffect to perform triggers on statics in itemgroup
[Find Trigger Number] F354
Now with the new flipeffect: “ItemGroup. Statics. Perform <&>trigger on (E)ItemGroup of statics”
You can perform one of flipeffect triggers about statics, on a list of static item indices stored
in an ItemGroup command.

- Enhanced FAN_ALIGN_TO_ENV_POS flag.
condition, to force, when the condition is positive, lara to change her facing to get it was
the same of hortogonal requirement.
Pratically in this way you can be sure that at end of an animation/condition like this:

Animation= {AnimIndex}, {Key1}, {Key2}, FAN_ALIGN_TO_ENV_POS, ENV_LARA_IN_MICRO_STRIP +

Lara was in 1st or 2nd microstrip and she will be turned to have her facing exactly hortogonal
with the in front wall.
The FAN_ALIGN_TO_ENV_POS flag was present and working in previous versions , too, but it worked
only when it had been used with other ENV_POS_ flags like: ENV_POS_STRIP_1, ENV_POS_STRIP_2,
ENV_POS_STRIP_3 ect but it cann’t work with the condition ENV_LARA_IN_MICRO_STRIP. Now it can
work at least to align the facing to the required hortogonal value.

- Added new flipeffect trigger to change dynamically (or less) the size of static items.
[Find Trigger Number] F352
With new flipeffect trigger: "Statics. Scale a static item using the data in <&>Parameters
command”, linked with data typed in Customize=PARAM_SCALE_ITEM script command, you can scale
with dynamic effect one or more statics.
You can use this trigger to create an inflating/deflating effect, for example with a ball,
or to create magician effects where little items become giants in few seconds or viceversa.
You can use this trigger also with no dynamic effect, but only to change immediatly the size
of given static item.

- Fixed bug about old flipeffect “change fog color”
When you exported in a triggergroup the old flipeffect: “OldFlip. Set the RGB color for the
fog bulbs to the <&>value”, the “value” argument was ignored.
Remark: probably this bug about exporting of old flipeffect was present in all flipeffects
that required an argument (the old “timer” value).
This means that current bug was present in the exporting of following flipeffects:

OldFlip. Will play the <&>sound effect number
OldFlip. (?) Force Von Croy to reach <&>AI_FOLLOW OCB when ???
OldFlip. Start screen timer and force Von Croy to reach <&>AI_FOLLOW OCB number

- Fixed bug about start-up of kayak
In previous versions the kayak sometimes was not in correct position, where you placed in the
level map. It can be in the sky or apparently it was missing.

- Fixed bug about bad inclinations of the Kayak
In previous versions, when the kayak had not yet been used for first time, it had a bad
inclination and a side was more down than opposite side.

- Added new flipeffect to have a coloured flash on the screen
[Find Trigger Number] F355
Added new flipeffect: “Screen. Flash screen with the <&>Light color for (E)Durate”
You can choose between some colors and durate for the flash effect.
The flash are used commonly in the game togheter with explosions and other light effects.

- Added new Action trigger to perform preset effects on some moveable
[Find Trigger Number] A82
The new action trigger: “Effect. Apply on the <#>Moveable the (E)preset effect” permits to
apply some special effect present in The Last Revelation adventures, like baboon teleport,
to your moveable.

- Added new Action trigger to add effects to static items
[Find Trigger Number] A83
With the new trigger: “Statics. Apply on <#>static the (E)Add Effect from script file” you
can add the effect stored in an AddEffect script command, to some Static item.
In the past it was not possible add effects to static items.

Note: read the new description of AddEffect script command, in particular the notes about
usage with static items. You find it in the Reference panel of NG_Center in the section

- Enahnced translation of NG_Center program
In previous version it was missing the chance to translate some texts in [Settings] panel
of NG_Center.

- Added new flipeffect trigger to show 2d sprites
[Find Trigger Number] F357
The new flipeffect trigger “Sprite. Show sprite with data in <&>Parameters for (E)Durate”
allows to show one or more sprites on screen.
You can customize in many way the sprites with effects like: transparence, zoom, entering
from some screen side, animation of sprite sequence and the grid sprites, where different
sprite can compose a bigger images.
These sprites work only in 2d mode, i.e. you can use like substitutes of show image triggers
in many circustances.
The advantge using sprites it’s that you have no limit about the number of sprites to show in
same moment on the screen, the disadvantage is that the limitation for source size of sprite
should be of 256x256 pixels but pratically it’s only of 128x128 pixel for that well-known
limitation of Wadmerger program to manage sprites of 256x256 pixels.

- It has been added the new slot object: CUSTOM_SPRITES
The CUSTOM_SPRITES slot works like other sprite objects: DEFAULT_SPRITES and MISC_SPRITES.
It has been added simply to have a sprite object to use fully for your (custom) targets, with
no other usage from tomb4 engine.
You can find the CUSTOM_SPRITES in the misc2.wad that you find on web site in the Demos section: Miscellanous 2 demo
zip file.
Currently in the CUSTOM_SPRITES slot there are 24 sprites: 8 sprites of 128x128 pixels and
16 sprites of 64x64 pixels, but you can change, add or remove as you wish the internal
sprite textures.

- Increased the number of fog bulbs enabled in same moment
The max number of fog bulbs enabled in same moment changes from 5 to 32, while the absolute
number of fog bulbs for the level changes from 20 to 80

Remark: this patch had been created a lot of time ago but there was a bug that has been fixed
only now.

- Fixed bug about action trigger to kill moveable.
[Find Trigger Number] A14
In previous versions this action trigger didn't work with animating and other moveables that
don't require an explicit activation (triggering)

- Fixed bug about flipeffect trigger to recharge Lara vitality (health)
[Find Trigger Number] F90
In previous versions this flipeffect gave like max value 999 instead of 1000. In this way it
was not possible get a full life bar with this trigger.

- Fixed bug in damage or cold rooms
In previous versions the SecondsForDeath field with DMG_INDIRECT_BAR flag, will work fine only
upto max value of 33 seconds.
Now the max value is 333 seconds

Remark: if you pass over the 333 seconds limit, the bar will remain always full

- Added new customize variable: CUST_SFX
With CUST_SFX you can customize some hardcoded sound effects used in trng engine, like for diary,
elevator, detector, savegame panel ect.
Read the TS_ variable list to discover the customizable sounds.

- Added new flipeffect trigger to print (unlimited) extra ng string.
[Find Trigger Number] F360

The difference of this new flipeffect, "Text. Print unlimited <&>Extra NG String with current
settings for infinite time" respect to other flipeffects to print extra ng strings, is that
in this case you can choose the extra ng string in an unlimited list of the strings, while
for other flipeffects you can use only first 256 extra ng strings of your script file.

- Fixed bug in creation of ng extra string list in the NGLE program
In previous versions the extra ng string list were always completed, but this it was an
error because in the reality only the strings with an index value less than 256 were really
selectable in the most of flipeffect triggers.

- Fixed bug about condition trigger to check the current animation of some enemy.
[Find Trigger Number] C21 C23 C24
In previous version the condition triggers "Creature. Current animation of <#>creature is
(E)animation ..." didn't work.

- Fixed bug in condition trigger "Creature. <#>Creature is currently (E)"
[Find Trigger Number] C14
In previous versions this condition changed the status of the tested creature. More it didn't
work correctly for "(E) Enemy has not been yet activated" status, since it gave as "not yet
activated" a creature already activated and killed

- WARNING: changed the formula for GT_DISTANCE_FROM_ITEM and GT_DISTANCE_FROM_STATIC global
There was a bug in the formula of global triggers to detect the distance between Lara and
an item or a static.
The old formula:

ItemIndex + 1024 * SectorDistance

it gave problems everytime the ItemIndex was bigger than 1023, and this situation was very
common for moveable indices.
To avoid this problem it has been necessary change the formula, anyway the good news is that
now you can have more precision about the distance.
While with old formula you can use only sectors now you use real units, where one sector = 1024
real units.
Read the description of GT_DISTANCE_FROM_ITEM mnemonic constant to discover the new formula.

- Added new BRIDGE objects
It has been added a new set of BRIDGE objects to build hanging footbridges:
Thanks to above objects now you can create footbridges with any slopes
These new bridge objects (and the olds) support some OCB values. Read in Ocb list of Reference
panel the description for bridges

- Enhanced management of bridge objects in trng engine.
Now you can apply a conditional fragmented trigger to the bridge, in this way you can create
walkable collisions with irregular shape, where for "irregular" we mean shapes different than
usual game square.
To support this interesting chance it has been added a new set of conditional fragmented triggers
(see belove in this document) and it has been created a tutorial to explain how using the new
bridge collisions in advanced way. You find this tutorial in the Miscellanous 2 demo level
that you find in demo section of http:\\ website.

- Added new condition (fragmented) trigger: circle
[Find Trigger Number] C60
The new fragmented trigger "Fragmented trigger. Check in (E) way if lara is in the <#>circle"
allows to check a circular zone with center in the middle of current sector.

- Added new condition (fragmented) triggers: circular sectors
[Find Trigger Number] C61 upto C68
With the conditional triggers: "Fragmented trigger. Check in (E) way if lara is in the sector
with center in <cardinal> position <corner or side> and <#>Radius" you can choose a circular
sector of the square as triggerable zone.

- Added new condition (fragmented) trigger: Rhombus
[Find Trigger Number] C77
The new fragmented trigger: "Fragmented trigger. Check in (E) way if lara is in the Rhombus
with <#>Size" allows to create a triggerable zone with a rhombus shape of wished size.

- Added new condition (fragmented) triggers: Triangles
[Find Trigger Number] C69 C75 C78
Now there are many conditional triggers to define a triggerable zone with a triangular shape.

- Added new condition (fragmented) triggers: Quadrilaters
[Find Trigger Number] C79
With the condition trigger: "Fragmented trigger. Check in (E) way if lara is in the
quadrilateral defined in the <#>Parameter command" you can set any four-side shape,
like rectangles, squares, rhombus or trapezium, as triggerable zone of a game square.

- Added new condition (fragmented) triggers: custom circle
[Find Trigger Number] C80
When you wish set some circular sector different than those placed with the center in the
middle, on side, or at corner of current game sector, you can use this condition to set
any custom circle: "Fragmented trigger: Check in (E) way if lara is in the custom Circle
defined in the <#>Parameter command"


With this flag lara will be become fully invisible while player is looking around with the
LOOK key.
In this way you can have a precise soggettive view of lara (from her eyes) using a command like this:

0, -96, IGNORE

Note: the futile fields for this example have been let to the IGNORE values but you can use
them for other targets, of course.

- Added new flag for DiagnosticType command: EDGX_LARA_CORD_IN_LOG
The EDGX_LARA_CORD_IN_LOG enables the output of Lara's coordinates in the log created with
tomb4_log.exe program.
By default in the log the Lara's coordinate were omitted to reduce its size.

Note: This extra flags works only when you enabled the DGX_LARA diagnostic type.

- Added customize to play a fmv at begin of Title level
It has been added the customize: CUST_TITLE_FMV
You have to place this customize in the [Title] section to play a fmv before starting the
Title level.
See the description of CUST_TITLE_FMV constant in MNEMONIC CONSTANTS list of the Reference
panel of NG_Center program

- Added new OCB value for FLAME EMITTER 3
There was this legend about the ocb 888 in FE3 to enable the blue lightning versus Lara.
In the reality there was no code to support the value 888 for flame emitter 3, anyway for
a bug linked with a coincidence (when there was no animating3 in the level and lara had the
item index =0), it happened that a blue lightning shot Lara.
Now it has been added the ocb 888 to get really and always this effect.

Remark: there are some variants of this ocb (888, 889 and 890) to set the injury grade of
the lightning. See the OCB section in the Reference panel of NG_Center for more infos.

- Added new customize constant to keep the HP of lara in level swapping
The new customize CUST_KEEP_LARA_HP allows to force that lara kept same (old) HP value when
she jumps to another level.
You can choose the target level where lara will arrive with the old HP and let for other
levels the common recharging of vitality.
See the description of CUST_KEEP_LARA_HP constant in Reference panel of NG_Center for more

- Added new OCB for SCORPION object
Now you can type the value 33 as ocb in the scorpion to force him to attack immediatly Lara,
while by default the scorpion tries always to attack other enabled baddies before attacking lara.
If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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