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MK4 Full Installer (also updating to TRNG
(Released 16 August 2011)

Mk4 Full Installer

Remark: the version has been skipped. It has been "used" only as beta testing version and never officially developed.

Many thanks to all beta testers helped me to create a freebug version of trng full setup.

- Fixed bug about command ShowLaraInTitle
In previous version Lara was always present in title even when the ShowLaraInTitle command was missing in the script

- Added new condition trigger to test the room type where Lara is.
[Find Trigger Number] C81
With the new condition trigger: "Lara. Room. Lara is in the <#>room type" you can test if lara is in some specific room type, like water, outside, cold, damage, rain, snow, quicksand.
You should use this condition in a GlobalTrigger or an animation command, of course.

- Fixed bug about no catching edge of Lara
In previous versions Lara was no more able to catch edges after she touch a static in some state ids. When lara died in that moment, the lost of this ability continued also after loading a savegame or a new level. Only closing tomb4 and launching it newly removed that problem.

- Fixed bug about changing of internal reference of Memory Savegame in the TRNG Variables management
In previous versions ( and the trng variables triggers working on memory savegames had all a different reference respect to all other previous versions. Now it has been restored the correct indices reference to the memory fields.

- Fixed bug in QSF constants for screenshot size
In previous versione the constant QSF_SIZE_640x480 had no effect and the result it was the resolution of QSF_SIZE_260x200

- Changed the "Markbook" term with "BookMark" in ng_center

- Fixed bug in condition trigger to test current game command.
[Find Trigger Number] C13
In previous versions the game commands: "Walk Left" and "Walk Right" were not detected.
About the game commands: "Pause" and "Require Inventory" they will be never detected because tomb4 enters in pause or inventory mode before performing this condition trigger. The triggers are performed only in game mode but in the future I could add global trigger to work also in Inventory mode.

- Corrected the description of Enemy command.
In previous versions in the description of TombFlags field it was missing the information about the TCF_... flags you can use in that field.

- Fixed bug in Help menu of NGLE program
The help command "NGLE Help" pointed to a broken link for download.

- Fixed bug in flipeffect to remove from the screen a specific extra ng string
[Find Trigger Number] F204
In previous versions the flipeffect "Text. Print. Remove (&)Extra NG String from screen" didn't work

- Fixed bug in flipeffect to stop endless scaling static
[Find Trigger Number] F353
In previous version, when you enabled an endless scaling of an static item, and then you stop it (with flipeffect F353) the new size was lost after saving and reloading savegame.

- Fixed bug in static scaling management.
In previous version when the new size percentage was an odd number the collisions were missing for that static.

- Removed the LDF_CONTINUE_DIARY flag from flags of Diary command.
The management of LDF_CONTINUE_DIARY flag was not good because by default all diaries and all strings of any diary were saved/restored in any jumping between levels.
So, now if you wish preserve the old diary for future levels you no need of any flag. While if you wish clear a specific diary at begin of some level you have to use the flipeffect 220 "Diary. Clear all strings in <&>Diary" in start position of lara in that level, setting the trigger as Single shot, of course.

- Changed management of Diary between levels.
The previous management of the diaries was wrong, because they were thought like local resources, with 10 diaries for level, but since each diary can be moved to further following levels, the diaries should be considered as global resources.
This means you have to use different IDs also for diary set in different [Level] sections, since same ID will overlap the diary with same id in other [Level] section.
To compensate this change, the number of diaries pass from 10 local diaries for [level] to 100 global diaries for the whole adventure (the sum of all levels)
I'm sorry for the change, but the previous management of multiple diaries cann't work correctly.

- Fixed bug about formatting tag #BG_AUDIO# in diary pages.
In previous versions the #BG_AUDIO# tag had no effect.
Now you can set a different audio track for each page of the diary using the #BG_AUDIO# tag in the <FORMAT> section of the text of the diary pages.
Remark: the bg_audio track (differently than the audio track set with LDF_PLAY_TRACK flag) will be played only once (no loop).
You could use the #BG_AUDIO# tag to have a spoken version of the text in any page.

- Fixed bug about empyt Diary
In previous version when a diary had no string there was a crash when the diary was showed.

- Fixed bug about Equipment command.
In previous version when you used the equipment command to set the presence of some weapon using different kinds of weapons (all weapons except pistol and UZI) you can got a crash extracting that weapon in game using the keyboard shortcuts (keys "1" "2" "3" "4" or "5")

- Added to the Equipment command some flags for weapons
When you are using an Equipment command to set the presence of a weapon in inventory, now you can add to the Amount field one or more LOAD_ flags.
These flags set the current ammo type loaded in the weapon and the further lasersight (mounted on it).
Remark: if you omit the ammo type the default ammo will be always ammo type 1 (the normal ammo)
Read the description of LOAD_.. flags in the MNEMONIC CONSTANTS section of the Reference panel for more infos.

- Fixed bug in Customize=CUST_AMMO command
In previous versions the setting for CROSSBOW_AMMO2_ITEM and CROSSBOW_AMMO3_ITEM were inverted.

- Fixed bug about poisoned ammo for crossbow
In previous version the poison arrows had no effect on the hit enemies

- Fixed bug in Animation Watcher tool
In the Animation watcher there was a crash trying to export the list with the [Output List] button.

- Fixed bug about invisible state of enemy's meshes
In previous version, on some moveable (like wildboar, big scorpion ect), the change of visibility for single mesh performed with the action trigger "Enemy. Mesh. Set for <#>enemy the (E)mesh as invisible", was lost after saving and restoring the savegame.

Note: in the reality to fix this problem you have to set for the slot of that enemy an Enemy script command with the NEF_SAVE_MESH_VISIBILITY flag.
In fact, the reason because with some enemies the invisibility was lost with save/load game, happened because only for some slots were foreseen the savage of mesh invisibility state. Anyway now, with the NEF_SAVE_MESH_VISIBILITY flag, you can force this saving/restoring for any slot you wish.

- Added new flag for Enemy script command.
To fix the problem of the lost of the invisibility state of single mesh of an enemy (see above), it has been added the NEF_SAVE_MESH_VISIBILITY flag.
Adding this flag for a specific slot, all items with that slot will save and restore the visibility mesh state that you could have changed with the action trigger "Enemy. Mesh. Set for <#>enemy the (E)mesh as invisible"

- Fixed bug in WindowsFont command.
In the previous versions the flag for font style "WFF_ITALIC" had no effect.

- Fixed bug in flipeffect to remove extra ng string from the screen
[Find Trigger Number] F204
In the previous versions, when you used the flipeffect 204 to remove a ng string from the screen, the engine will remove only the first instance of the string. This means that, if that ng string had been printed two or more times, the other instances remained on the screen.
Now the F204 flipeffect remove all instances of the given string from the screen.

- Forgot the description in last history of some new features
In the history for version I missed these two descriptions of new features:

* Added the ADD_LIGHT_GLOVE constant for AddEffect command.
Now you can add a glove light as effect to your moveables or statics.
See description of ADD_LIGHT_GLOVE constant in the MNEMONIC CONSTANTS list of the Reference panel of NG_Center

* Added new global trigger constant: GT_COMPLETED_SCALING_ON_ITEM
This new global trigger will be enabled when a dynamic (no endless) scaling effect has been completed.
You could use it to perform some action exactly when the resizing of your item has been completed.
- Fixed bug about NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING flag of Enemy command.
In previous version when an enemy command had the NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING flag this easy heavy activaction worked for all enemies in the game, indifferently if that slot was in the enemy script command.

- Fixed bug about the Blink attribute for text settings.
In previous versions the change of speed for the blink text didn't work, indiffirently by the method used to change it: flipeffect 75 or the TextFormat script command (BlinkTime field)

- Fixed bug about flipeffects to stop sound effects
[Find Trigger Number] F72 F73
In previous versions the flipeffects "Sound. Stop &Sound sample of first/second group" didn't work.

- Fixed bug about ADD_LIGHT_BLINK flag in AddEffect command
In previous versions, when you customized the Flare with Customize=CUST_FLARE , adding sparks, glow light or smoke, then these customization were added also to all the ADD_LIGHT_BLINK effects you added in the level.

- Fixed bug about flipeffect to perform some flip on a ItemGroup
[Find Trigger Number] F354
In the flipeffect "ItemGroup. Statics. Perform <&>trigger on (E)ItemGroup of statics" in the list of <&>trigger there were also two triggers not really availble to be performed from ItemGroup, the triggers: "Statics. Rotation. Stop all rotations of statics in <&>Room" and the "Statics. Move. Stop the movements of all statics in <&>Room".

- Added new Action trigger to remove effects from statics
[Find Trigger Number] A84
The new action trigger "Statics. Remove from <#>static the (E)Add Effect of script file" allows to untrigger the adding effects to the statics performed with the action 83 "Static. Apply on <#>static the (E)Add Effect from script file"

- Fixed bugs about action triggers to enable Camera or Flyby
[Find Trigger Number] A41 A45
In last versions the action triggers to enable Camera,Fixed camera (A41) or a flyby sequence (A45) didn't work correctly.
Remark: the A 41 trigger to enable a camera/fixed camera, should be performed always form a triggergroup or an exported anim command. All action triggers that duplicate default triggers to enable objects, cam, flyby, sink ect have been thought only for exporting.

- Fixed bugs about flipeffects to stop sound effects
[Find Trigger Number] F72 F73
In previous versions the flipeffects "Sound. Stop <&>Sound sample of first/second group..." didn't work

- Removed beta version of flipeffect for lightning
[Find Trigger Number] F359 (but now it's missing)
In version there was a refuse of some my test about a new flipeffec to enable a lightning versus lara or enemies. Anyway it was not yet working so it has been removed but it will be added newly when it will be completed.

- Corrected description about overlapped bridges in the Bridge Collision tutorial
In the miscellanous 2 demo project there was a mistake in the Bridge Collision tutorial. The position of triggers cann't change the choice about what is the only conditional bridge over the same tail. The bridge with condition will be always the lower in the 3d space.
The correction has been already done in the tutorial.

- Fixed bug in NG Font Editor tool
In previous versions when in the wad (.swd) file there were two or more sprite items (like CUSTOM_SPRITES other the FONT_GRAPHICS) there was a Bad Subscription error with aborting of NG Font Editor window.

- Fixed bug in floor/ceiling mirror
In previous versions the (further) Animatings in the hidden room were apparently disappeared.
Note: I remember that to have a correct specular image of Animating in floor/ceiling mirror it's necessary that the pivot (the point where there are the coordinate {0,0,0}) of the item was in the middle of the object respect to the planar view.

- Enhanced the buffer for "spark" particles
The number of single spark particles in the same moment has been doubled because there was an overloading when it was raining for other spark sources like the waterfall mist.

- Fixed old bug about missing of collision between motorbike and not-enemies items, moveables or static items.
Now the bike will be stopped when it collides with moveables or static items.

- Added new collide feature for motorbike.
In old tomb4, when lara was driving the bike and she went below a low ceiling, so much low to touch her head, nothing happened, and lara was able to across the rock with her head with no injury.
Now you can kill lara in above situation but only using some moveble or static pending from the ceiling with the correct distance from the bike.

- Fixed bug about action trigger to activate moveable
[Find Trigger Number] A43
In the previous versions the action trigger "Trigger. (Moveable) Activate <#>Moveable with (E)Timer value" didn't respond to One Shot button, with the result that also an one-shot trigger came performed many times.

- Fixed old bug about puzzle with brazier, petrol and torch.
This was an old tomb4 bug.
When lara fills the brazier with petrol (using the jerrycan) and then she saves the game, at reload of savegame the petrol was missing and the puzzle failed.

- Fixed bug in Fast3d and Texturize dxf file tools
On some eastern computer there were trouble importing dxf files and/or exporting dxf files, where these last were not accepted from StrPix program.
Above problems happened when the nationalization of Windows set the comma "," as decimal point for floating point numbers.

- Added in Reference panel of NG_Center new state-ids references
It has been addes the group of new state-ids of Lara when she uses Parallel Bar and TightRope

STATE_TR_POSE:$77 ;Tight Rope
STATE_TR_WALK:$79 ;Tight Rope
STATE_TR_FALL_122:$7A ;Tight Rope
STATE_TR_FALL_123:$7B ;Tight Rope
STATE_PB_HANGING:$80 ;parallel bar
STATE_PB_LEAP_OFF:$81 ;parallel bar

- Added CUST_BIKE_VS_ENEMIES customize constant
With the new CUST_BIKE_VS_ENEMIES customize you can set what it will happen when the bike collide with a given enemy.
You can set to kill, to push away, to hurt or to explode the given enemy.
Remark: the push away setting works fine with some moveable and bad with others. You should test it and use it only when it works fine.
See the CUST_BIKE_VS_ENEMIES constant in the Reference panel for more infos

- Added new flags for MirrorEffect command
These new flags (FMIR_...) should be added to the animating index when you wish fix some problem in the reflex of that item.
If the mirrored item has a wrong facing you can try to fix the problem adding to the index of main item the flag FMIR_ALTERNATE_REFLEX
This flag doesn't grant to have a better mirroring but only a new type of mirroring. Therefore you should add the FMIR_ALTERNATE_REFLEX flag only when you have had a bad result in a previous attempt.
Another fixing is possible with the flags: FMIR_ADJUST_X or FMIR_ADJUST_Z, to add when the mirrored item has a bad position. This happen very often with doors in floor/ceiling mirrors, because the doors have very often a pivot on a side or corner of the mesh, instead by the (good for mirror) central position.
See the FMIR_ constants in the Reference Panel of the NG_Center for more infos.

- Fixed bug in flipeffefct to set a camera as follow camera
[Find Trigger Number] F119
In previous versions the flipeffect "Camera. Set current CAMERA as follow camera on(&)Axis until (E)condition" didn't work with the condition: "Until Lara is in current room"

- Fixed bug about changing intensity of rain or snow
[Find Trigger Number] F 117
When the flipeffect trigger "Weather. Set Rain/Snow intensity for <&>room with the new (E)intensity value" changed the intensity of room where is Lara, saving the game and reloading it, the change performed with the trigger was not restored correctly.

- Fixed bug about CUST_RAIN customize
In previous versions the sound effect to play, stored in Extra field and enabled with the FR_PLAY_SFX flag, was not really played in game.

- Added new pause mode to stop circular turning
[Find Trigger Number] A81
Now you can put in pause the circular turning of an animating using the action trigger "Turn. Stop circular turning for <#>Animating item in (E)way" using the "Pause. Stop temporary its movement" way.
Then you'll be able to resume this movement with a new action trigger (A85). See following note:

- Added new action trigger to resume a circular turning previously put in pause
[Find Trigger Number] A85
After you put in pause a circular turning of an animating with the A81 trigger in Pause mode, you can resume its movement with the action trigger "Turn. Resume circular turning of <#>Animating previously put in Pause"
The usage of this trigger is useful own when you wish stop and go a circular turning, since using a "stop immediatly" + a new "circular trigger" you'll lose the original circle position since it was computed respect to current position of the Animating.

- Info about joystick usage with savegame panel
Someone had problems with the savegame panel using the joystick but for others it works. It's an hardware problem. I copy here the conclusions of a betatester of trng (Bedazzled):
My PC allows me to choose between using a graphics processor which is integrated into the cpu or a discrete graphics card. I've found that using the discrete card there is no problem, but using the integrated graphics causes the game to lock up when save is selected from the inventory.So some people reports of the game freezing will be correct as it's hardware dependent.

- Added new flipeffect to set the rain settings before entering in a rain room
[Find Trigger Number] F 361
This flipeffect has been thought to solve a limitation in rain management.
Until lara doesn't enter in a rain room the rain setting will remain that of old rain room visited by Lara. This means that, when lara is not in a rain room but it's able to see a closed rain room the setting of that rain could be wrong until lara doesn't enter in it.
To avoid this problem you can use the flipeffect "Weather. Set in advance the rain setting using the intensity of <&>Room" while lara is yet outside of that rain room that she is looking.
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