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Can anyone give me some instructions on what I need to do to unpack the .tiger archives, so I can simply find the game's sound effects files?

I've got Rick's latest unpacking/packing tools for TR9, but I can't make sense of how to use them (I start the .exe, and a command prompt window simply opens and immediately closes).

All I want to do is VERY simple: I just want to find the .wav/.mp3/.ogg for Lara's CONSTANT LOUD GASPING EVEN WHEN STANDING STILL, and delete those files (preferably with FIRE), or at least replace those files with blank sound files.

Lara's obnoxiously loud mouth-breathing just drives me totally nuts. It's seriously ruining the game for me. I have no problem with her breathing heavily during exertion (running, jumping, climbing, etc.), but she even does it when she's just standing perfectly still. It's... good god, it's so horrible. YOU HAVE A NOSE ON YOUR FACE LARA, CLOSE YOUR MOUTH AND BREATHE WITH IT OCCASIONALLY, JESUS TAP-DANCING CHRIST WOMAN, ARE YOU ASTHMATIC OR A 300-POUND OBESE DIABETIC? NORMAL PEOPLE DON'T BREATHE LIKE YOU DO! IT'S DISGUSTING!

Sorry, I don't mean to rant. I don't know if this is some sort of subtle OCD I have or something, but her loud, LOUD, ENDLESS GASPING is just killing me. KILLING ME. I have to fix it. I am literally at the point of just quitting the game if I can't fix it.

Please, please, someone help me. I know I must be weird, because I can't seem to find anyone else complaining about this... but I'm sorry, and I have really tried to get over it, and I just can't.

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