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Originally Posted by teme9 View Post
I have been hoping for "couple" additions:
  • General
  • Enlarging the wad texture limit if possible, would be really nice!
  • Increasing the memory(or enlarge the limit farther) of tom2pc to allow bigger wads and files to be output into tr4 file.
  • LOD system. (WIP by Paolone I think )
  • Distace based culling for objects - Removing objects at far distance specified by scripting to improve performance. (WIP by Paolone I think)
  • Customizeable wind strenght.
  • Customizeable water reflection color.
  • Echoing sounds & other sound effects postwork.
  • Static moveable lighting working same as moveable lighting on moveables.

    Objects and scripts
  • Custom colors for AddEffect=Script.
  • Joint meshes for enemies!! I think this might yield itself as a pretty much impossible job, but we can wish for it!
  • Distance fog to show horizon through it. Just like the Ios TR's horizon works. The horizon is smoothly peeking though the level geometry.
  • More physics based objects such as Rolling ball. Or more customizations for it allowing larger or smaller rolling balls.
  • Able to choose horizon as "static" so that it won't follow Laras position. Basically horizon could be a vast mass of land that could sit under the geometry and create illusion that continues after geometry ends. (basically a super large 3d object that is the horizon - not moving at all even Lara moves)

    Editor improvements
  • Better rendering capablitites to handle detailed rooms without lagging.
  • Possibility to place objects with more precision: Able to put object anywhere else than center of square and rotate them on every axis.
  • Able to lit every single static object in a room with a single button.
  • Able to split ceiling squares into triangles like we can do it on floors.
  • Able to lit every room with same settings and excluding rooms from these settings.
I can only agree with all of this, especially the ones in blue.

Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
Engine changes:
  • Possibility to use colored fog when VolumetricFX is enabled.
  • VolumetricFX Fog which uses RGB values instead of hardcoded colors.
  • A SCRIPT condition "if Lara stands(or crouches, etc) on X square/XYZ coordinates". For now there is only such condition for a whole room.
  • Movable lighting for statics which reacts both to dynamic and static lighting(sunbulb, lightbulb, drop). For now it only reacts to dynamic lighting and room Ambience.
  • Several BRIDGE objects working on same square.
  • SOUND objects working for as long as Lara is in range of sound. For now sometimes when Lara changes room the sound dissappears.
  • Minecart vehicle(AFAIK Paolone already considers that).
  • Object collision which actually uses mesh structure instead of boxes to make collisions. And maybe even with possibility to stand on them without heavy scripting.
  • Land of Distance(LOD), both simple(which only simplifies meshes) and complex(which replaces meshes).
  • DirectX 9+ rendering support? Shaders?
And I'm also in favor of these, especially the ones in blue.

Btw, about this: "VolumetricFX Fog which uses RGB values instead of hardcoded colors."
It is possible with FLEP to customize those hardcoded colours.

Well, since Paolone is working on with a vehicles plugin, I can only say that I'm looking forward to having a quadbike that works the way it works in TR3.
And with it, it will be nice to be able to "import" other vehicles from the classics as well.

Speaking of customizing:
  • the ability to customize the colour of the flame-emitter3 lightning effects. Perhaps even be able to get an effect like that of the Spear of Destiny and the Iris in TRC. (with all the different colours)
  • Add "drips" to the AddEffects. (So we can make Lara drip when going through a waterfall for example.)
  • We've already seen that with the plugin feature we can create waterripples around objects that come in contact with the watersurface. How about being able to make a splash as well? (For both Lara and other objects) We can already do this for the rollingball, but it would be nice to also be able to do this for other objects, like the falling ceiling or some custom animating of some sort.
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