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Originally Posted by teme9 View Post
You probably mean LOD as Level of Detail?
Yeah, this one. I think it was called Distant Land or something in Morrowind Graphics Extender and somehow I adapted that name. In Gothic there was a LOD which automatically made distant land simplified. It wasn't always nice, for example some pillars could end up looking like cones, but it worked absolutely fine in World of Warcraft, where LOD worked only in locations which were covered in fog, resulting in very distant view with little to no fps cost. Also I guess these covered in fog polygons had no texture loaded or a very small one.

Originally Posted by teme9 View Post
I personally wouldn't want this. It is Paolones personal time we are talking about here. It wouldn't feel right to put him under such pressure. He already has done so much for TRLE community. This thread may serve as a "wishlist" for him though. If Paolone sees some features that he could implent and wants to do so then he can do it by all means.
I agree, also what if a feature like "convert the engine to DirectX9" worked? This would be a huge amount of work and I don't think Paolone would like to spend his free time on such thing. Better let him pick those which he think would be easiest or most interesting to implement.

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