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I don't think the characters look that bad. I haven't watched any of the recent movies but I gather they're inspired by the (rather boring because realism) looks of the movie characters, which is fine I guess.

I think their heads look rather small, Captain America is very relatable in the waist (something CD seem to be a fan of), and I don't like most of their faces (especially Cap Am and Black Widow).

Also don't get me started on the abomination of making Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. yes I'm salty. Also I see the X-Men get snubbed once again, with only 4 playable out of nearly 40 characters, with more coming only as bloody DLC. (5-6 if you count Magneto, who is a villain of the X-Men, and Scarlet Witch, who is way more an Avenger these days anyway). I'm so tired of the X-Men getting the short end of the stick while everything is about The Avengers these days. I'm forever waiting for X-Men Legends 3, which Marvel Ultimate Alliance kind of took the place of.
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