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I don't know what to think about this game at all. On one hand, the stunt double models are simply atrocious. I also see zero creativity when it comes to the roster. They have all these obscure and great characters with such rich histories and stories and yet they settle for the lazy option and just copy the MCU movies, even down to the costumes. I'm not saying they're obligated to find inspiration from the comics or whatever, but what they made just shows a serious lack of creativity.

I also found it odd how they paraded all their A-list voice actors like it was some kind of achievement. It was like they were saying "YeAh!! LOoK hOw we HiRed ALl these wELl kNOwn actors! DOeSn't tHAt MAke OuR gAmE AwESOme!!!!??"
The voice actors didn't even seem to care that much either. All those performances sound so phoned in. When I heard Tony Stark, all I heard was Nathan Drake. It's like they only wanted those actors to make their game look good.

But on the other hand, I also heard great things about gameplay and graphics from people who saw the demo. They said it looked awesome. I also find the concept of each story mission belonging to a specific character and being suited for their type of gameplay interesting. Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel) being the main character is also really cool.

I'll wait for gameplay before judging though. People said the same things about Spiderman and God Of War. I just hope this turns out good.

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