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I'm actually modding TRA at the moment Mac Daddy and have removed all in game blackness (menus, bars) for fun. The only way I managed is to export any non-character textures/transparent ones as DDS. Use the NVIDIA DDS plugin with Photoshop to then import and edit as you please. The alpha channel needs to be cleared to be 'rid of them' in game. Then you can export any normal textures as needed as PNG instead for easier editing. You can use multiple file types in one Texmod package so, it's pretty easy! If you struggle, i'm happy to upload my removed black things in the game (they're actually just a multiply copied and renamed, font texture that I just made completely transparent instead of opening each individual one and making them alpha) different sized textures still work in any slot!

If anyone knows how to edit Texmod extracted alpha textures as PNG (or another format?) and not just DDS, I'd love to know! when I open bare PNG's in photoshop there isn't an alpha channel, which is what you need in the ones i'm changing. I'm feeling like BMP might do this..i'll double check

I'm just going to quickly segway though -
why I came here at first hah! for the experts.

Lara had Bangs in Legend. In Anniversary, she's combed it to the side. Can that be swapped back? I know we can't currently import inter-franchise objects but, could TRL's skin or head/hair be exported and imported over TRA Lara's with animations and whatnot still intact? I've had fun replacing her TRA face and hair with authentic textures from TRL, she had thicker hairline brows and lips, actually can tell a bit of a difference ingame!
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