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Originally Posted by mizuno_suisei View Post
Lara had Bangs in Legend. In Anniversary, she's combed it to the side. Can that be swapped back? I know we can't currently import inter-franchise objects but, could TRL's skin or head/hair be exported and imported over TRA Lara's with animations and whatnot still intact? I've had fun replacing her TRA face and hair with authentic textures from TRL, she had thicker hairline brows and lips, actually can tell a bit of a difference ingame!
I doubt it... I would love to see Anniversary Lara with bangs and even better, a ponytail (even if the physics would be a braid one ) If we could somehow replace the model (or just replace the relevant parts)......

And I would also want to see Anniversary Lara in Legend. Impossible I guess..
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