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Thanks, here is another E3 video. Notice how the swimming animation is different. Lara also has much tighter control instead of the loose and sloppy controls she had in the final product. The camera is free to manipulate and everything just looks so polished and smooth. I love how the underwater has a blue ting to it too with bubbles. The graphics looked really good and the game over all would have been amazing if it was developed properly.

Originally Posted by Ellioft View Post
It wasn't one failure for the TR franchise at the time but 3 :

Cradle of Life

At the time the franchise was concidered as not exciting

I recommand you to read "l'histoire de Tomb Raider" by Alexandre Serel to know much about AOD.
Nice recommendation, will have to check it out if the book is still available somewhere. TR was having a really bad time back then.

Ah that's right I forgot that another reason why Eidos did not approve of the final extension on the deadline was because they wanted to release along side the movie. What a disaster that turned out to be.
Ubisoft Brought back Classic Lara ^_^

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