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The failure of AoD was not just the culmination a tumultuous development but also the fact that Core refused to evolve the franchise very much between each game, most probably because Eidos made them release a game year on year.

The game industry quickly recognised that Tomb Raider / Lara had become a cash cow for Eidos and they were milking it for all they had. This was evidenced by the increasingly worse reviews and sales of each new Tomb Raider especially from TR3 to Chronicles and then AoD was obviously the nail in the coffin.

The main criticisms by the majority of game journalists and players was that the controls were sticking to the tank controls that doesn't seem natural for controlling a human, the lack of improvement in graphics, story telling and very little in terms of new and intuitive gameplay. They tried with small additions in TR3 and LR such as new weapons, rope swinging and other small additions but it was little too late for most people.

I personally love the classics but I can see and understand the criticisms, especially today when the games are 20+ years old and they have really aged badly.
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