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Originally Posted by dg1995 View Post
Actually, 2 locations was more than enough for this game.
As for additional levels, The game just needed more developed Prague section with more NPCs and some additional rooms.(So I don't think they would ever add Germany and Turkey to this game.)

It already have far longer length compared to other linear games of that time. (RE games, MGS games that had too much cutscenes, Onimusha games, Devil May Cry , Max Payne 1 and 2 etc)
The problem is, for me, too much wandering in the bland open world and too little in the way of tomb-like environments. Two would not be too few, as long as there was more tombs.

Was this game really bigger than those ones? It feels short to me.

I took the liberty of looking into TRC and AoD's credits on MobyGames, and indeed all veterans were in TRC! I listed below the TR games they worked before TRC and TRAoD:
Richard morton - TRIII, IV, TLA - design
Richard Flower - TRIII, IV - programming
Chris Coupe - TRIII, IV - programming
Jeremy Heath Smith - TRII, III, IV - producer
Adrian E Smith - TRII, III, IV - producer

None of the ones that were working in AoD seem to have worked with TR before AoD!
Some, however, worked in other (arguably smaller) IPs:
Stephane Denis - Alone in the Dark IV - programmer
Neil Topham - Fighting Force 1 e 2 - programmer
Sarah Avory - Fighting Force 1 e 2 - programmer

The rest seems rather new to game development.
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