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Even if the game had no bugs, I'm not sure everyone would have liked it.

I've heard some people dislike this game for city areas and lack of tomb levels. These problems would still exist within the game.(Even if they never removed Germany and Turkey, those parts were also going to add their own city areas and NPCs to the game which means more boring parts for those people that disliked those.)

Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
I'm a diehard TRAOD fan but let's be honest here, the game we got was cut so much it is only but a shadow of the original idea. Paris section is short and completely deserted while Prague looks like it's made of scraps from other levels. The game also has some plot holes like Lara's resurrection or Lara knowing Karel.
Wasn't she knowing him from that Boaz transformation cutscene ? (I remember he was in that cutscene)
Originally Posted by Profc View Post
I have a funny story with that actually. I skipped TR IV and Chronicles, and when I saw that cutscene, I assumed that Karel played a big part in the story of the Last Revelation.When I played them later, I was even more shocked, story of Werner just didn't fit,
That's because originally that archaeologist friend of Lara from TR 4 was going to be in AOD but Core Design and Eidos were forced to remove that character from Chronicles and AOD due to this that he looked too similar to a real life archaeologist.(So they replaced him with Von Croy in AOD)

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