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Originally Posted by ESCachuli View Post
You are truly disgusting. This is not the first time you are lgbtifobic, so dont pretend you are inocent. You should be ashamed and apologizing, not celebrating.

Shame on you.
Lord, reading through this thread........Sora explained literally 100 times that she didn't mean it offensively, but rather an objective observation. If she would have said "she looks like a man with makeup on" would that have been any different than calling her a "transvestite"? No.

If you took offense to the usage of the word, that is on you and your inability to see context.

If people could stop being so uselessly sensitive, that would be cool. And since when has Sora been anything phobic? I don't interact with her, but I do read plenty of her posts, and she has never said anything "phobic" towards anyone. That's nonsense.

She explained herself succinctly and clearly, anyone who continued to take issue with what she said just wanted to stay offended.
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