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Originally Posted by Zsott View Post
I watched the video...
This was ... interesting! I mean, Lara gunning down fairies, because she doesn't know other way ...
I think she meant to just say 'freeze' to the fairies, but got carried away with gun action

Well I can blame Mini-me for giving Lara a Xmas adventure this year, as normally I would not allow a lot of gun action at Christmas, but instead Lara went Mavrick, she was a loose cannon, or even a Rambo! with guns blazing

Originally Posted by Zsott View Post
...Or when she just gunned down the possible parents of baby santa, for no apparent reason...
She does need some holiday spirit!
I loved it and thank you!
As for the blow up Santa's, well she went with the song "I'd like to pop your blow up Santa"
(Note: Unfortunately, the Blow up Santa song was removed due to Youtube 3rd party music copyright, and another song replaced it)

Oh...The character with the most holiday spirit was Winston, drinking too much beer

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