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Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering View Post
But we Rise voters didnít just vote because of the AoD skin. Thereís the Desert Tank, Expedition Jacket, Leather Jacket, Blue Henley..... all original. AoD and TRIII Antarctica skins are just bonus imo.

*Fun (or not) Fact* The TR1 Sport and TR5 Catsuit skins are not their representive models. Itís TR2 Classic model retextured. Look at TR1ís face and circular breasts. Realizing the TR5 model was hard. The TR4-5 model has a long hair and she doesnít have her upper hairband like TR2-3 Lara, right? Well, in Rise, the Catsuit skin Lara has a upper hairband colored black to be not seen, and her face under the headset is TR2 Lara all over again. *AoD Lara voice* Iíve got two little words for you... Lazy Developers.
Well, the TR3 antartica reimagined skin is part of Rise selection of skins, because it is a completely new model. If the Shadow "classic colour" skin was actually the TR1 clothes in Shadow Lara, it would be part of Shadow's outfit selection.

And here a lot of people said they chose Rise because of the AoD model.
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