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Room mesh changes...
I am usually quite lazy making Xmas videos, as I tend to use parts of existing custom levels and convert them using RView_50_R3 and Meta3D to change the layouts to suit me. It saves me starting from scratch and also saves me a lot of time, and I do credit the makers at the end of the video.

I can make rooms of my own using the level editor, and do so sometimes, but would take me ages to do that

This is how I do it, by exporting room meshes using Rview, modifying them using Meta3D and putting them back into the game using Rview, and then re-texture the room. (Here is before and after)...

Here are some before and after screenshots using the above tools....
On the left is the existing game and on the right you will recognise the same locations in the Xmas video

Cheers Chi

And a happy New Year 2020.
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