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Gunderson's mercenaries will follow Lara with their heads even when KO'd with the Dart gun.

If you hit one with a dart before they can get alerted (and sometimes even then.) they'll just stand still when they get up, even if they're a patroller they'll stop patrolling and stand still.

Also turns out the K2 Impactor still works on the Mercenaries (and their research area counterparts.) in the second half, I thought only the dart gun worked initally.

Holstered weapons seem to always use the lowest possible texture, not effected by the texture settings. (They change when actively equipped.)

It's actually possible to kill the guard in Containment area with the fact Kurtis slides foward a bit while crouching while moving and having his gun drawn, an invisble wall prevents you going further though.

Boaz in her second form actually has her model change to be more bloodied when you hurt her, which I don't think happens for anyone anywhere else. (so perhaps Boaz was one of the closest to finished bosses?) oh and part of her brain becomes visible as bits of her skull gets blown off.
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