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Originally Posted by TokyoSU View Post
check Customize=CUST_BACKGROUND

check the BKGDF_ flags, personally i used BKGDF_KEEP_GAME_SCREEN+BKGDF_ADD_DARKNESS (transparent and dark) with a parameter of 175 to look like TR4. it work with ClassicInventory

This means you can also add colour to the transparency like TR3. I'm not sure on the exact value so you'll have to play around with the settings until you're happy with them @MaxTRaider989

But yeah, when I finish the inventory I'll release it. Its only for TR2 at the moment.. but I'm sure modifying it to be like TR1/3 will be easy enough now I know what I am doing lol
Its not 100% perfect but its close.
I modified the radius of the ring and the position of the camera so its more looking down ontop of the items..

TBQH I'm surprised the rest of the code for the guns weren't included in the classic pack (TR1-3)
We got code for the medipacks/globe/flares and but nothing for pistols, shotgun, uzis
Unless this was a way for JVM to get us all to learn how his plugin worked..?
I'll release the scripts anyway incase anyone is interested - or struggling on how to set them up themselves

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