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1st season - 16th episode (Confessions)

"After the meeting in the charity auction, Lara invited Amanda to Croft Manor. Next night in the Manor Lara was talking with Amanda. They both were remembering their childhood things they did together back in 1983 when they both were at age of 8. But then Amanda asked Lara about her disappearence in 1985. Lara told Amanda that after her father's disappearence in May 1985, her uncle Atlas decided to take her with him. Because that time she probably became an orphan since Amelia died in 1980 and Richard got lost in 1985. Atlas adopted his niece and after that they both left London. Amanda asked Lara about where was she those last 20 years since 1985. Lara answered her that this is a long story to tell about what places she visited specially for the last 6 years. Amanda asked Lara about how is it been a Tomb Raider. Lara answered that it was hard for the first time but then you'll just getting used to. She had an excited 6 years of the life of a Tomb Raider. Amanda asked Lara about what happened now. Lara answered that she's getting tired of all that stuff. She wanted something different for a change. Then Lara started asking questions. She asked Amanda about if she has the nightmares. Amanda was paused for a moment and Lara confessed that she has a nightmare about one woman who looks like her. Amanda then decided to confess back and told Lara about her father. Lara asked Amanda about their fathers relationship. Richard and Joseph were fine and worked together back in 1975. But surely Atlas was never around them both. Altas hated Richard since they first met. That hate grew stronger after Richard and Amelia got married. After the long girl speach, Amanda left the Manor. Lara decided to have a drink while Amanda made a call. She was talking with her father who was officialy been dead since Amanda took the lead of her father's company. Joseph was alive after all. He faked his death so Amanda could go back to London and took his company in her hands and also made a contact with Lara Croft to find out about her uncle Atlas de Mornay. Back in New York Joseph lost the track of Atlas. Now he's using his own daughter Amanda to get in touch with Lara and find out about Atlas's location. Joseph asked Amanda if she found out about Atlas's whereabouts. Amanda answered that Lara didn't talk much about her uncle. There were only memories. Joseph told his daughter that she needs to make a pull and act faster to do what she was told. He advised her to use anything in her power that doesn't include him. Next morning Lara visited Richard's grave. She decided to fall in memories about her father. Back in 1980 after Amelia's death Atlas decided to act against Richard in order to get his niece Lara to him. Richard didn't plan to give up so easily but Atlas told him that he was just started. Lara promised herself that she will find her father somehow..."

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