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The Stop sliding animation might be in this case, and the issue would be that the corresponding function has no code that will trigger the Run state. Probably just because they forgot, nothing more. That means that even if you put the correct State change in the animation to trigger animation 246 (stop sliding to run), practically it won't ever be triggered.
(I've seen your EDIT after typing this, so in this case there's no issue but it's still applicable to other animations)
I had the vaguest idea that something of this sort was happening; it's nice to have an abstraction of the actual reason behind it now. It was indeed the issue in this case, but:

you could try changing the Stop sliding animation's state to 2 (the Stand state). If there is no side effect, then that means you can safely trigger the Run animation using a simple State Change, and it will work.
Yep, this was just about what I did to get it working.
  • I changed the inherent StateID of the stop-sliding animation (71) to stand (2),
  • made a run-forward (1) state change possible between frames 0 to 1,
  • leading into slide-to-run animation (246) if executed.

The animation frames match as well as they need to, and it ends up being functionally identical to a "true" implementation. There is one side effect: Lara can now rotate during the stumble animation. I think this is a subtle perk, as it means Lara's controls are now that bit more responsive. My general intent is to do just that.

the Jump state won't be triggered until frame 19 of the run animation is reached at least once
That's a curious detail. I had the idea of making a jump equivalent to the distance of a standing hop possible before running one block, so now I wonder if there's a way around this.

I haven't got in too much details
It was truly all I needed. Surely this is basic stuff for you, so thank you for taking the time to write that. Infinite thanks.
Braids please :)
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