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Originally Posted by CheshireBitch View Post
I have an "animations" problem and I don't get how to fix it.

I use the bird switch from TR5 in the "PULLEY" slot, with the TR5 animation.
Not anything fancy, just want Lara to use it once and then I'm fine (even set a One Shot for the "switch for pulley".) (This is what I use:

Problem is: TR4 pulley thing has 3 animations of Lara using it (339, 340 and 341) the bird switch in the pulley slot only use one animation (339). Everything is working great but when Lara is finished using it, she plays anim 340 and 341 (the middle and end of the original TR4 pulley animation) which looks ugly. If I replace anims 340 and 341 with any other anim to hide the fact that it's a 3 part animation (11, or another one) she gets stuck in a loop of that anim placed in 340 and you can't play anymore.

What can I do to make Lara go back to normal after playing anim 339 ? Or to prevent her to get stuck in a loop with anim 340/341 ?

I really know nothing about animations but replacing them. I tried some things by looking around in wadmerger but didn't get any results...

UPDATE: Problem solved
So I replaced anim 340/341 with the anim 11 (so she won't move after playing the anim 339). By changing anim 340 and 341 she was stucked on 340 for ever. What I did to bypass this looping hell is that the one-shot pulley she's using triggers an hidden rolling ball in an unreachable room. This rolling ball triggers not only the door and camera related to the birdswitch but also a flipeffect that forces her to play the original Anim11. It reboots Lara very fast and she's not stuck in a loop anymore.
In game the illusion is perfect. Just need to get her in the exact same spot for each anim so it's perfectly smooth but at least it's working.

Also thanks to Mulf who talked with me on PM and made me tried a few things that worked very well too. (like having the birdswitch not in a pulley slot but in a switch slot)

The only not solved yet mystery is : how to make the birdswitch usable more than once ! But it's not usefull in my level so we'll see that later I guess.

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