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It's true that levels made with a lower version of TRNG (or without TRNG at all) have that issue on Windows 8+, just like the classics. But this is actually fixable using this patch:
Tomb Raider series fullscreen border fix 1.01 (install it once, it applies for every TR game that has this issue - so, not TR6 as stated on this page).

Also, you don't need to follow this tutorial you posted to play levels. In the past we used to need an original copy of the level editor, because levels were provided with the minimum amount of files to reduce bandwidth usage. Nowadays we don't have that issue anymore, and 99% of the levels you download are ready to play: you only need to extract the archive and double-click the executable.

(and don't apologize for your language, most of us aren't native English speakers either)
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