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1st season - 19th episode (Nightmares)

"It's been 2 weeks since Lara left London. Now she's having a kind of honeymoon with Alvis in Egypt. Same thing goes for Zip in London. He found some girlfriend for himself. Lara has been suffering with the nightmares that chases her every night. Her darkside is still trying to break Lara during her dreams. Last dream that Lara saw was her having sex with Alvis when her darkside interrupted them. In every dream Lara's darkside is telling Lara that she'll have to die now. This time after those words she cut Alvis's throat and after that Lara woke up. Alvis realized that Lara isn't doing well since he saw her behavior under the pyramid a way back. Alvis wanted to know what Lara keeps from him. She decided to confess that she's having a trouble split personality. She found out about her second personality in 1995 when her uncle Atlas was training her. But Lara couldn't remember if this was a trigger to wake her second personality or not because her memory of 1995 has only pieces and not full. She blames Atlas for that. Alvis asked her about how is she doing now. Lara answered that she's having a monster inside her who is growing stronger every day since it was born. Lara afraids that one day she will finally loose the control and that monster will possess her completely. Alvis advised Lara some meditations of his so she could control it. Lara told Alvis that she had it under control for the last 10 years until now. It frightenes Lara in any way to become the menace to all even her closest ones. For now everything remains as it was for those last weeks..."

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