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1st season - 20th episode (What happened in 1995?)

"A week later Zip returned to Lara and Alvis to Egypt. From the dreams Lara started to remember the place last time she was with her uncle. That place was some kind of laboratory in Himalayas. All three used the ship to get to Himalayas. During the trip Zip was digging up the information while Lara was trying to remember the exact place of the lab. When they came to Himalayas Lara did remember the place and asked Zip to hack the satellite and look at Himalayas's real time map. When Lara noticed something familiar she told Zip to mark it's location. There was some abandoned place near the lake and the mountains. Lara gave Alvis a gun and asked him to go with her while Zip remains on the ship via headset. After Lara and Alvis got out from the ship they headed to that lab. Later Amanda showed up from the ship. She was following Lara since they left Egypt to get here. When Lara along with Alvis reached the lab Zip told them that this place was abandoned for 10 years. It was closed in 1995 by Atlas de Mornay. Now Lara was sure that she was on the right track to find out what happened in 1995. Zip told them that everything is still operational and he just needs to rewrite the power. When Lara reached the big room with medical chairs she started seeing the flashbacks of her past. Her visions were from 1995 when Lara was with her uncle for the last time. Those medical chairs were full of dead people. Lara realized that she killed them all. This was the first time Lara's darkside was awaken and posseessed her. Atlas couldn't understand what happened with Lara. She was looking for a cure to get rid off the voice in her head. Atlas told her that she needs to come down but Lara didn't want to. She told him that she's hearing the voice in her head. Atlas wanted to calm Lara by telling the stories he used to tell her when she was a child. After the story Atlas asked Lara what did the voice say. Lara corrected him that the voice is she. She told Lara that Atlas can't be trusted anymore. Then the vision stopped. Alvis told Lara that he found a survivor. It was an elder monk. When he saw Lara he was trying to attack her but Lara with Alvis calmed him down. She asked for forgiveness but the monk couldn't forgive of what she did 10 years ago. Later Zip told Lara that they got another movement here. This is where Amanda got caught by Lara. In the evening Lara was asking Amanda about what is she doing here. Amanda answered that she's here for Lara's uncle. For a couple hours Lara and Amanda were talking to each other inside the ship about their true intentions..."

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