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1st season - 23rd episode (The Inconvenient Truth)

"It's been a couple days since Lara came back to London after what happened in Paris. She was wondering about coming back to Croft Manor to see what's what. Lara decided to go on foot to the Manor. When she reached the woods she met her uncle. He wanted to talk with his niece about what happened back in Paris. Lara asked if Atlas killed Joseph. He answered that he left Joseph alive. Lara was surprised to hear that. She reminded him that obviously he kills people that makes him a murderer. Atlas agreed with that and told Lara that she kills people too so what makes her then. Lara paused for a while then answered that she's still working that out. Atlas wanted to thank Lara after what she did but she didn't care and headed straight to the Manor. When Lara reached the Manor she was knocked out by some people. A few hours later in the middle of the day Lara woke up in the main hall. She was tied up on the chair. Then some of the people behind her introduced Lara to Jacqueline Natla. Lara saw a woman near the fireplace who showed her the wings on the back then Natla turned around and faced Lara. This was the first time where Lara Croft met Jacqueline Natla face to face. Lara asked Natla if she's the one who sent an assassin after her a weeks back here. Natla answered that she just wanted to talk. Natla told Lara that she knew her family a way back before she was even born. She told Lara about her parents Richard and Amelia Croft. She also told about Lara's uncle Atlas de Mornay. Natla revealed a few Atlas's secrets that was hidden from Lara. She told Lara that Atlas didn't find his niece like Richard told him. Richard didn't disappear on May 1985. After Amelia's death Atlas became desperate. He came to Natla to stop Richard with his search of the Queen Elixir. When Richard got so close to the elixir's existence Atlas decided to shoot him. It happened in May 1985 and since then Atlas retrieved the tree's seeds and got his niece to himself. Lara was shocked after what her uncle did to her father. After hearing the inconvenient truth Natla asked Lara to help her and punish Atlas once and for all. Natla told Lara that Atlas is keeping the Queen Elixir's stocks in his tower here in London. Natla ordered Lara to steal it for her. After that she ordered her men to bring Lara in the garage. There Lara faced another woman who had the wings too just like Natla. She turned around and reminded Lara to bring the elixir to Natla then happened the bright light. When Lara woke up she found the ashes of the burned bodies. All hired Natla's people were dead and only Lara was still alive. At that night Lara asked Atlas to meet her. She wanted to hear the truth about her father's death. Atlas pretended that he doesn't understand about what is she saying. Lara took the knife and started stabbing Atlas in the stomach. She stabbed her uncle for a few times and he was shocked that his niece did that to him. But then Atlas stopped Lara and told her that he's not a monster. He told her that everything he's doing serves a purpose. Lara realized that Atlas is immortal thanks to the elixir that he has anyway. There was no doubt about what Natla said to Lara. Atlas is guilty in Richard's death and he had the elixir all this time since 1985. Next day Lara heard from Zip that Alvis was captured before. When she visited Alvis he told her to forget about him. Lara insisted that she wants to help but Alvis refused her help by smiling to her. She told him that she will get Alvis out of here. In the end Lara decided to steal the elixir from her uncle..."

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