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Originally Posted by Samz View Post
Gunderson's mercenaries will follow Lara with their heads even when KO'd with the Dart gun.

If you hit one with a dart before they can get alerted (and sometimes even then.) they'll just stand still when they get up, even if they're a patroller they'll stop patrolling and stand still.
This applies to the biodome guards too. (the one where Boaz gets eaten)

Also turns out the K2 Impactor still works on the Mercenaries (and their research area counterparts.) in the second half, I thought only the dart gun worked initally.
It works (very rarely) on dogs too, if it worked, then the dog will freeze in mid animation. (Lara will still be able to aim at it, so it can be killed with a different weapon)

It's actually possible to kill the guard in Containment area with the fact Kurtis slides foward a bit while crouching while moving and having his gun drawn, an invisble wall prevents you going further though.
I think that guard might be bugged: Sometimes when I enter that area, I immidiatelly pull the gun out and Kurtis will aim at him. And he can die.
Sometimes I have to crouch, still Kurtis will be able to kill him.
Also, if you approach that guard from the other side, he will stand up, but he will be unable to move, but able to shoot.

Boaz in her second form actually has her model change to be more bloodied when you hurt her
for me her clothes were always bloody when she left the pod; and never changed during the fight. Did you play on PC?

(so perhaps Boaz was one of the closest to finished bosses?)
I was thinking that too. But given that her second form has a disabled attack, I doubt any of the bosses are fully finished.

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