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Originally Posted by Zsott View Post
Karel says hello. Literally the worst boss in the entire franchise, lol.
Yeah I don't think Boaz was quite...finished...just closer to one than Brother Obscura, Karel and Eckhardt.

I could swear her outfit gets more bloody the first few shots you get on her once she enters her second form, I know her skull starts to get broken off. (which I never noticed til' now and goes on the list of "Things that ment the ESRB probably shouldn't have rated the game 12 plus even though young me is thankful for it so I got to play it."

EDIT: The Mag Vega ammo in the room with the unmasked Guards in the Strahov fortress respawns if you run out of Mag Vega ammo, this means you won't get stuck.

This means the only bit where you can get stuck without ammo is The start of Aquatic Research Facility. (Technically the turrets can cause the explosion that kills them but I don't see how you can do that without getting Lara killed in the progress.)
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