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Originally Posted by JMN View Post
You can use NGLE's Find Trigger function to "reverse engineer" the code. Just select the correct plugin from the Plugin/Engine list.

$018000, 24, $67 would be:

; Set Trigger Type - CONDITION 103
; Exporting: CONDITION(103:0) for PARAMETER(24) {Plugin_ClassicInventory}
; <#> : COMPASS
; <&> : Inventory. The item currently selected is <#>
; (E) :
$012000, 705, $18 would be:

; Set Trigger Type - FLIPEFFECT 705
; Exporting: TRIGGER(24:0) for FLIPEFFECT(705) {Plugin_ClassicInventory}
; <#> : Inventory. Set <&> as selected for next inventory opening
; <&> : COMPASS
; (E) :

Ahh.. thanks so much.
I was just using the regular find function.. no wonder it wouldn't work.
All these little things make me feel so dumb.. but its all part of learning.

OK so having a rather odd thing happen. I installed all my plugins including the packs1 and 2 (which add extra flipeffects)
These are nowhere to be found in Tomb Editor though - the flipeffects doesn't list them (it only shows 3 flipeffects for Inventory for example, nothing to do with plugins)
Why aren't they showing?
Oddly enough, the script last time worked regardless of this.. so I'll have to look at NGLE and see if that does the same.
My TRNG is in a separate folder than my TRLE, all I can think of is this could be the issue..?
Last time I installed them all into one folder and caused crashes..
If I copy the plugin folders from TRNG into TRLE will this work?

Updated to the latest update. Tried uninstalling the plugins and re-installing them.. still the same. I have no idea whats going on.

Regardless of T.E not showing them - I used NGLE to export the triggers and with a bit of reshuffling of items, I got it working flawlessly.

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