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Originally Posted by Calvolt View Post
Why don't we, as the TR community, see each and every era as a different color shape in a rainbow, show love and respect to one another, and learn to co-exist in harmony. TRF is a beautiful place and I got to enjoy my stay here so far even though I am new, it could be so much better tho .

For example, EM just tweeted a *meme* like post related to Deus Ex, no actual meaningful post based on it yet, and within two hours it reached almost 500 likes and comments everywhere. I dunno, it saddened me to see it, not because of the fact that I do not enjoy that game or its story, but I thought to myself, yo if this was Tomb Raider related content these comments would be all about defending one Lara or harassing the other one and all, which would probably happen

It is understandable people may choose one version of the game over the other, but always remember that you yourself wouldn't enjoy it if someone just came to you and started talking to **your version of Lara** in a negative or rude manner that you wouldn't accept, so let's not do it
aww that was so wholesome
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