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1st season - 24th episode (Heist)

"Next night Lara asked Zip about the situtation in the tower - de Mornay Industries. After some digging up Zip told Lara that Atlas has a strong security in the building. After retreiving the Tree of Life from Paris, Atlas is sure that he will expect an attack. Lara asked Zip to give her the map of the tower. She also told him to find a way to get Alvis out of the cell in the police staion before he will be moved to prison. Later Lara came to de Mornay Industries. She decided to use the hard way - no more sneaking. Zip informed Lara that she needs to be ready for anything after she will start to act. Lara answered that it's a part of their job. She told Zip to focus on getting Alvis out of the cell while Lara will be doing the heist. Lara started with the first floor. She was killing every guard she was facing on her way. Meanwhile Zip found a way to hack Alvis's cell and got him out of there. Then Alvis knocked out the guard there and left the station. When the situation got harder in de Mornay Industries, Lara used the sewer canals to hide. Later Lara got out from the sewers and undressed after she found out that she smelled like s.h.i.t. Then she used the ventilation shaft to get on the 50th floor. According to the map of the tower, Atlas's vault was on that floor. When Lara reached it she found the bowl on the table. Inside that bowl was the Queen Elixir. Lara noticed that the elixir started to tremble and for a moment Lara could see her future if she will drink the elixir. In the end Lara stole the elixir from her uncle Atlas. Next day Lara decided to come back to Croft Manor. Zip informed Lara that Alvis was safe. Inside the Manor Lara found Natla's men who were waiting for her. She was suppossed to give them the elixir but Lara changed her mind and kicked their asses. Lara decided to find some family photos before she will leave the Manor once and for all. She found her mother's letter which was the farewell to her daughter. Lara didn't read that letter before but this became a final drop of her memories. When Atlas found out that Lara stole his elixir's stocks he became desperate. When Natla didn't receive the elixir that Lara was supposed to bring her - she informed the news channel about Lara Croft's actions to make her a fugitive..."

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