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Still can't get the TR2/ TRC style valve door to work.

I noticed something interesting too - ALL other switches work completely fine and the door opens..
However, the valve switch (in switch4 slot) does nothing.
Is it something to do with the slot? Or is the switch itself buggy.
Push buttons, levers etc open the door perfectly every time, very odd.

EDIT: I'm also trying to use the FlareSFX plugin - and all seems to work fine, except for the sound itself.
Sound plays and bubbles show generating underwater from flare.
I assigned a sound and the sound plays (checked using Diagnostics)
I copied the original TR2 SFX over (the hissing when flare is lit) and for some reason its really load and echoing.. like a giant generator sound or an engine room.
Its meant to be a small hissing crackle. Checked the sound in SoundTool (using Tomb Editor) and the sound is only volume 10.. so it should be quiet.
Global Sound is ticked.. not sure what the other settings do, whether they will fix this issue (none, loop, wait)

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