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Originally Posted by trfan16 View Post
I love SH4, but a lot of these reasons you posted are some of the reasons why I can't replay the game. First off, I've never been able to save Eileen in my dozens of playthroughs of this game. You just can't do anything with her without it being detrimental. You can't leave her alone for too long or else she will start becoming possessed. There are also parts of the game where there are TONS of enemies in one room and she will have to take damage. Like in Prison World, there's a room full of 6 twin head monsters in one room. TBH, her character is really not bad as an AI character. She can actually hold her ground against most enemies. Unfortunately, the game has strict requirements on keeping her alive and you can't even heal her completely.

I'm also not a fan of completing the same worlds two times over either. I get that the previous SH games had the normal and otherworld versions of the same places. But at least in the otherworld version had new enemies, new rooms that could be entered, and even change how the old rooms looked.

I also hate the ghosts in this game and the fact that you can't kill them. Sure, there's the Sword of Obedience that can in them down permanently. But there are only 5 of them and should be saved for the "special ghosts" like Cynthia and Jasper. I hated that damn old lady ghost so much since she's in every single world.
I love how they actually made several versions of EVERY cutscene in the second half of the game.. depending on how possessed Eileen was.
Think there is a video on YT showing them all.
Was quite interesting..
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