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Originally Posted by tempo View Post
Are you sure? lol Amanda explains that the Arthurian legend is true and states that Amelia did not die, but went to Avalon. She kinda took her word for it. Also Lara knew about the Arthur stuff preceding Legend. Possibly discussed this with he father as well. So she *had an idea* what Avalon was like.
No I meant physically. Like for all she knew it could have been a lush paradise.

Originally Posted by tempo View Post
At what point is that implied or stated? She was searching for her to find out what happened to her because she did not know. She had doubts and was hopeful. She was never like "Ah it's the NORSE UNDERWORLD, nvm she ded then." Amelia could have survived it, but was unlucky enough to not be able to activate the dais. Also, it was rather 20ish years.
Lara's mannerisms in Underworld give off that she just wants closure. In the final scene with undead Amelia she isn't shocked that she's dead, she's shocked that she got transformed by the Eitr.
Just think. You wouldn't be needing those unsightly weapons anymore. :)
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