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Originally Posted by ggctuk View Post
The eitr is confirmed to instantly kill those who touch it then reanimate them. She was definitely nothing more than a zombie at that point, and that 'hug' definitely seems much more like an attack lunge than anything affectionate.

This, of course, doesn't appear to tally with the effects of the eitr on Natla, but Natla is immortal, which would halt the effects the eitr would have on her, since it couldn't kill her.
Yeah I get what they tried to say with the Eitr thing. But then why is Amelia not like the other thralls? Or where are the other thralls who are not like the standard thralls. And why cant she do stuff like the other thralls? Also, the Doppelganger just dies when falling into the Eitr during gameplay, while she is a creature of the Eitr. And Natla just started to melt straight up when the plot needed that to happen, as in she had that little convo with the doppel and THEN started melting.

The way the Amelia scene was staged, makes it seem she is more than just a zombie. She did not act like the other thralls at all. She was in that standing position staring down the pit. She started walking towards Lara in a non threatening way. When the gun is pointed at her, she tries to signal with her arm to Lara to lower it. And that could have been a hug. She raised her arms before she actually would have reached her. If you watch it in slow-mo, I suppose it is more clear what I'm getting at.
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