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Originally Posted by CroftManiac05 View Post
At the end of Anniversary she said "This island is just one remnant of Atlantis. I will find another", so yeah she probably had it planned. Does that make Helheim "a remnant of Atlantis"? Maybe getting the scion for Natla was easier than Thor's hammer?
The implication in the game is that Atlantis is spawned from Helheim, and not the other way around. I don't doubt their relation, but I think it just seems bizarre that she would go for an option that just 'spawns mutants' instead of one that tears the world asunder. On top of that, the phrase she uses does seem to suggest to me that she doesn't necessarily know for certain where these other remnants might be, or what they might hold. I guess that might just be lack of connective writing though.

Originally Posted by tempo View Post
Yeah I get what they tried to say with the Eitr thing. But then why is Amelia not like the other thralls? Or where are the other thralls who are not like the standard thralls. And why cant she do stuff like the other thralls? Also, the Doppelganger just dies when falling into the Eitr during gameplay, while she is a creature of the Eitr. And Natla just started to melt straight up when the plot needed that to happen, as in she had that little convo with the doppel and THEN started melting.

The way the Amelia scene was staged, makes it seem she is more than just a zombie. She did not act like the other thralls at all. She was in that standing position staring down the pit. She started walking towards Lara in a non threatening way. When the gun is pointed at her, she tries to signal with her arm to Lara to lower it. And that could have been a hug. She raised her arms before she actually would have reached her. If you watch it in slow-mo, I suppose it is more clear what I'm getting at.
She didn't look like the other thralls because, quite simply, she hadn't been there that long. The others were there for centuries. For all we know, and I think this is the most likely scenario, Amelia had been there for 'days' (since it seems the dais can 'go through time' and the Himalayan dais was connected to the Bolivia dais activated at the end of Legend)

I'm not seeing any of those actions you mentioned there. If anything, Amelia's doing a typical 'zombie walk' and that definitely looks like a lunge at the end. I'm not sure the scene was staged intentionally in any other way than 'Lara has lost the thing she was looking for, in the most horrible way'.
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