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Originally Posted by TokyoSU View Post
i dont change anything about the AI, it's a TR4 problem not TRNG or my plugins :x in the first place TR4 use a very basic pathfinding and it's that the problem
Ahhh OK. Very odd. Wonder why Core used such basic AI in TR4 - especially when the older TRs had such cool enemies.

I managed to get the barracuda working in the Croc slot. Which not means we can have sharks and barracuda in the same level like in TR2, AND also use Harpoon Gun.
Now its my first ever attempt at meshtree edits, so it ain't perfect.. but in-game it works pretty well I think. It may be a little bigger than in TR2 - this was because the enemy I used was massive (fish not a croc) - this is actually half the size LOL

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