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Originally Posted by HD86 View Post
I am going to say my opinion and I know many people will not agree. If you want to mod the game extensively, you should just build a new game or play one of the recent Tomb Raider releases.

I personally like the classic Tomb Raider game as it is and I don't want to see it modified extensively, because that will most likely ruin it. It will become a different game. I can't imagine that you are going to be modest in modifying it after you manage to decompile it.
You are right about building a new game, some of the builders would definitely love to see a completely new engine at their disposal and with a decompiled code the path to making it happen is pretty much open. A lot the ideas we have oftentimes make us conclude that we might as well make ourselves a new game if we want to make them happen.

But I think the core (sic!) purpose here is to be able to patch certain things up, increase compatibility with newer systems and possibly introduce certain graphical tweaks and extensions, which would add up to the classic experience, not ruin it. I'm convinced such efforts come from passion to the classic Tomb Raider, not the hate for it.
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