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Originally Posted by Mani_Man View Post
Can someone feel like he is in the wrong movie?
Its the only thing i can explain how i currently feel.

The saga of what the hell is going on with my little brother and his wife continues...well at least another sentence of it.

So yesterday out of the blue, she blocked me and everyone of the family on her instagram account, hours after she posted pictures of her flight back to albania.
Nobody has talked to her or my brother since the holidays, complete silence.
We didnt wrote her or anything because at this point there is nothing to say.

Things seemed to left at that...until seemingly yesterday.
I was browsing Instagram and saw her post, didnt thought anything by that and was moving on.
Early in the morning today, my other sister in law sent me a message asking me if i was blocked by her too.

Either its that or she deleted her whole account...i dont know, i never have been blocked by someone i know on instagram or twitter.
So i dont know if you cant even see their account anymore.
Either way a weird as hell situation.
Cant say im really angry or sad or anything...its yeah, it feels like im in some weird movie or so.
What a clownish show this is.

Anyway...on happier so very excited to become a uncle for the second time later this year.
It seems like the baby will be a boy, so its a different experience since the one we had the past 16+ months with my niece.
Will be a wild ride, but one im really excited for...having a new tiny baby to cuddle will be fun.
I don't want to set off alarm bells, but that sounds concerning. It sounds just like I thought, she is trying to isolate herself and your brother from the family. Has he blocked any of your family accounts? I mean she even blocked family that she didn't have a spat with is very strange. Honestly I feel like this is a pretty big red flag. Is there anyway your family can contact your brother at all, just to see how he is doing. There is a lot about what she says and does that doesn't make sense and isn't on par what others would perceive to be normal behavior. I don't know much about the cultural norms and attitudes in Germany so my information is a bit limited since what is normal and abnormal isn't always the same across cultures, but isolation seems to be a trait that is universally revered to be a bit abnormal and concerning.

That's good you've got some positive news and stuff going on. I'm not an Uncle yet, but my Aunt gave birth to two more cousins of mine a few years ago and it's definitely thought provoking and nice to have new family members.

Anyway, I hope all turns out ok.
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