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Originally Posted by indigo1993 View Post
hey I know that this is most likely something you guys won't be tackling on this remaster, but I thought I'd ask anyway:
Are you guys planning to fix the minor douchebaggeries in the game, like when Lara refuses to grab onto a ledge because you're not in the exact piece of the tile the game wants you to be in, the extremely precise part of the quicksand part she has to cross for no good reason in the india level where the ceiling is collapsing on top of you, or when she does the same in some sections in Nevada when she does a running jump and doesnt grab the thing despite clearly having reached it? since you guys are turning this game inside out I'm guessing you know these areas more than anybody. They're few and far between, but god they are so annoying. I was wondering if it'd be possible to sometimes just pull up the floor geometry a little so she she doesn't have to jump as high or something like that. there's a review by game statistics on youtube that is quite funny and addresses some of these things hahaha
It's just TR3 is so full of these cun** moments, I wonder if there's anything that can be done at all about it!
Editing the room collision is not possible, so we won't be able to fix these things sadly.
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