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Many games are nothing like the concept art, and not all concepts make it into the finished games. We can actually track some of the changes in the direction in AOD through the concept art, as well as getting a glimpse of some of the early ideas that were dropped completely. It is unfortunate not all the concept art was released, l was actually a bit disappointed with the collectors edition of Anniversary that it did not show some of the unseen art from AOD.

Most of the above images are a bit scarier than what we ended up with, the game was toned down a fair bit.

l believe the image of Boaz in her operating garb was available in a small cutscene on the PS2 version, l seem to remember seeing it. It was not in the PC version

Muller was also different this is how he appeared on at least my PS2 version, on the PC version there was no insect netting

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