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FLEP feature list:
  • Some of the TREP animation patches which work better than the TRNG scripting version + it saves Animation= scripts which amount is limited. Disable ledge-climb delay, disable dive delay, quick crawlspace climb, enable crawlspace jump, enable crawlspace roll, enable crawlspace pickup, monkeyswing 180 degree turn around while hanging still and while moving, roll key setting, wall climbing mid-point adjuster (for faster climbing animations like those by Geckokid in his The Beginning demo), grab frame set for standing jump.
  • Clear menu backgrounds, so no more ugly grey stripes in 32 texture depth mode. Includes some customisation options like transparency blending mode, transparency intensity and pick whatever colour you want.
  • New customisable OCB's for the smoke-emitter-white and smoke-emitter-black: we can now have actual black smoke and countless other colours and effects (different speeds, blending modes, lifetime, extra flags like making it react to wind, Lara's collisionbox (sprites move backwards when Lara walks through the sprites), hurt Lara when she touches the sprites, make her burst into flames, etc) within these two objects as well as the option to pick whichever spriteslot you want to use. No manual has been writtten yet, so experiment with the values to see what the values are all for.
  • New transparency blending modes with which you can create different looking "glass" objects (you also need the latest Meta2TR update and/or TRTexture for this)
  • Stylish static bars: customisation of all bars, including custom bars, TRNG scripting is still needed for the colour of the bar itself, its size and position on screen. Do you want TRC style bars? You got it!
  • Smooth shadows with soft edges: pick whatever sprite slot, adjust elevation and darkness of the shadow.
  • Enable DOT3 bump mapping: this type of bump mapping reacts to dynamic lights like flames and flares/PLS lights.
  • Remove green flare tint: customized flares won't produce hardcoded green flicker on flare ignition and depletion.
  • Fix Lara's visibility in binocular view bug.
  • Change shiny sprite: allows you to pick different slots for the shiny effect, one is for the ingame shine effect, the other one is for the inventory shine effect.

Patches directly imported from TREP:
  • Add "Lara's Home" to the main menu.
  • Old school TR1 style teethspike: no more TRNG workaround needed to make Lara play her "impaled" animation when falling onto spikes.
  • Print "Game Over" text on screen when Lara dies.
  • Disable add-on gun sound: removes hard-coded explosion sound from gunfire.
  • Disable sentry gun flame attack.
  • Add [hits] to statistics.
  • Enable ricochet sound effect.
  • Completely disable load and save items: in case you want to use a checkpoint system and/or savecrystals in your game.
  • Fog colour table editor: allows you to enter different colours into the default fog colour table.

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